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Top ROBLOX Developers Convening in March for GDC and RDC

February 2, 2015

by Becky "reesemcblox" Herndon

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The 2015 ROBLOX event season is quickly approaching, and we’re getting ready to kick it off with a big splash in March. Not only will ROBLOX have a booth full of staff and community developers at this year’s professionals-only Game Developers Conference (GDC), but we’ll be hosting our own ROBLOX Developers Conference (RDC) in downtown San Francisco immediately after GDC ends. From March 4th through the 8th, and with the help of many top ROBLOX creators, we’ll be showcasing our platform in various arenas and bringing together our virtual community for real-world learning.

RDC is an exclusive, invite-only, weekend-long event for serious ROBLOX game developers. RDC West, the first of the three RDC events, launches on March 6th. We’ll start with a party and then dive into the business of building games. Attendees will get a preview of our latest technology, learn pro-tips from some of the top developers in the world, and give feedback directly to the ROBLOX team. Because space at this event is so limited, we’re planning to provide coverage from RDC West with live broadcasts to the ROBLOX Twitch channel. We’ll have more information on our streaming schedule as the event draws closer.

We’re also in the early planning phases for RDC East (U.S.) and RDC Europe, which will give game developers in other parts of the world opportunities to connect with the ROBLOX team, meet other game creators, and learn more about ROBLOX game development – all in one event.

RDC is an exclusive event and space is extremely limited, so we’re hand-selecting attendees — some proven developers, some aspiring. We recently wrapped up an invitation period, during which all ROBLOX members had a chance to apply for the remaining slots. If you are selected to attend, you’ll receive an invitation to purchase your ticket by email in the coming weeks and months.

On top of developer-focused conferences, we’re planning another series of Maker Faire booths, which will again be staffed by and serve as a meeting place for gamers and creators from the ROBLOX community. Once we’ve nailed down the Maker Faires where we’d like to host ROBLOX booths, we’ll put out the official call for volunteers. This is a great way for you, the community, to help us showcase ROBLOX among people who haven’t yet tried it!

Make sure to stay tuned to the blog in the coming months for more announcements about our 2015 events, as well as photos and coverage from those that have already happened. We’re looking forward to getting out there and connecting with you!