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Meet Berezaa, the Creator of 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon

February 14, 2015

by Andrew Haak


Berezaa is well known for creating 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon, a game with classic ROBLOX style but modern twists in its cooperative play and emphasis on combat. He’s also known for laying the foundation for many of today’s most popular tycoon-style games with his free tycoon kit. The kit, which takes the form of a ROBLOX model, has been downloaded from our shared asset library more than 40,000 times and has been used as the building blocks for such games as the newly popular Mars Invasion Tycoon. Needless to say, Berezaa works hard to support his game’s community, the tycoon-developer community, and the deep well of content in 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon.

We hosted Berezaa on the third pilot episode of our new Developer Showcase series and had a great time learning more about him and his games. If you missed the stream on Friday the 13th, we recommend you watch this highlight and, after you’re done, let us know what you think!

Who would you like to see on the next episode of this series? There are tons of great game creators and community members out there, and we’d like to host them all! Make sure to let us know your thoughts — and follow the ROBLOX Twitch channel at so you don’t miss the next episode.