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How Engaging With Players In and Out of ROBLOX Makes Your Game Better

January 26, 2015

by Jack "jackintheblox" Hendrik

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Game development is about so much more than building a game and publishing it. The games you see on the front page of ROBLOX consistently have something in common: the developers continue to improve their games, keeping them fresh with new content and finding new and innovative ways to engage with players.

Many developers are using social media and video streaming as a way to not only promote their game pre-release, but also keep the excitement going. You may have seen members of the Mad Studio team streaming the development of new modes for Mad Paintball on Twitch. On Twitter, if you check the hashtag #ROBLOXDev, you’ll find many users posting progress of their builds.

And then there’s Taymaster, who has been pulling all the right levers on social media over the last year to keep his games popular and fresh.

Of all the well known ROBLOX game developers, Taymaster has one of the strongest presences outside of ROBLOX, thanks in part to how he uses Twitter to reward active players of his games. Three of his games — Twisted Plastic 2, Twisted Racing, and Twisted Murderer — feature a code system for unlocking special gear in games.

“Originally I started doing the code promo thing back when I created Twisted Plastic 2,” he told us. “This was my way of rewarding players who become more dedicated fans.”

As Taymaster developed new games he continued using promotions and social media to build excitement.

“I like to give little spoilers here and there to cause a little hype over large updates, and Twitter really helps get your game out there when you want to release a game.”

Taymaster isn’t the only developer using social media and outside resources to promote his games. Many savvy developers have discovered that by engaging the community you can build a wider audience, learn your players’ passions, and even find talent within the community to help you improve your game.

Part of what drives people to follow Taymaster on Twitter is not just the giveaways, but the fact that he recruits community members to improve games like Twisted Murderer.

“A large portion of my games actually relies on the community. Most of the items in the shop have been created by other people because I don’t really consider myself an artist. Talented map makers have also been a huge help — Oaktin, boring, and tail807 are just a few. Without all these people my game would only be a small fourth of what it really is.”

So, what tools are available for you?

If you’re working on a game, or have already released one, consider using social media to promote it. We’ve found that the people who have the most success on ROBLOX are the people who treat the experience the same way that an indie developer on Steam does. And part of that is marketing yourself and your product.

Some examples of great uses of social media and streaming include:

  • Livestreaming the development of your game. Mad Studios, the people behind games like The Mad Murderer, and Mad Paintball, stream game development every weekend, and even give away codes for their current games.
  • Updating your newsfeed. Use Twitter or Facebook to let people know about future updates to your game before they come out.
  • Getting feedback. Have conversations with players to better learn the strengths and weaknesses in your game.
  • Rewarding your most active players. Many devs have started offering codes for special items, or tips for how to perform well.
  • Testing new features. Got a new gamepass or upgrade? Let your fans try it out! Check out how PlaceRebuilder is giving away trials for his new in-game item:

Take a look at the Twitter/Facebook accounts for Taymaster, Mad Studio, and PlaceRebuilder. You’ll find some good ideas on how you can promote your game and engage with other ROBLOX players.

You’ll find a lot of your fellow ROBLOX players are out there, wanting to chat with the people who made their favorite games. It’s one more resource you have as a developer to find an audience, and we encourage you to use tools like social media, livestreaming, and community engagement to make your ROBLOX game the best it can possibly be.