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Get Merry with ROBLOX’s Holiday Giftsplosion and Game Events

December 3, 2014

by Christina "BrightEyes" Shedletsky

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The holidays are here, and ROBLOX is getting all festive with in-game events and 12 days of awesome prizes!

You may have noticed some mysterious gifts appearing in your inventory and the catalog lately. These are the first prizes in the 12 Days of the 2014 “Giftsplosion.”

Here’s how it works: for each of the first 12 days of December, a gift will appear in the ROBLOX inventory. Some gifts will be for meeting past requirements  – such as playing ROBLOX a lot for the last 30 days – while others will contain clues on how you can earn them. If you complete the task, the gift box will be awarded to you (sometime after the deadline, usually about 24 hours). After the gift box is awarded, it goes on sale in the catalog, so everyone has the opportunity to snag it. A day or so after each gift box goes off sale, it opens, awarding you a special prize.

For those of you that remember last year’s Giftsplosion, there will be another “badger badger badger” gift box, which will be attached to earning badges in different ROBLOX games.

And if you want to know how to get the next gift box, you’ll definitely want to check out The Next Level today at 2 p.m. Pacific time. We’ll tell you exactly how to get it, so don’t miss this episode! Follow ROBLOX and tune in at


There’s even more holiday fun and prizes coming with the ROBLOX Holiday event, launching Wednesday, December 10th!

The ROBLOX Holiday event will be similar to BLOXgiving, in that it features some of your favorite user-made ROBLOX games, and allows you to win sweet prizes for playing them. It’s even bigger than last month’s event, and we’re excited and honored to feature more of our developers and their great games.

For ROBLOX Holiday, we’ve selected four of the best games on ROBLOX, each of which will have a holiday makeover and offer special prizes:


The Quarry is more festive, and more quarry-like than ever!

In each of the games, players will be able to earn a Badge and prize for completing a specific task. For example, in The Quarry, the badge is for mining Turquoise. Work at a Pizza Place requires you to complete each job 10 times successfully. By playing the games during the event, you’ll be able to earn festive prizes.

On top of that, each game will have a scavenger hunt element, similar to the BLOXgiving feat hunt. In each game there’s a special Snowman part you’ll need to find, each of which will get you a special snowman related hat.

Between the Giftsplosion (going on now) and ROBLOX Holiday (starting December 10th), there are a ton of awesome things to do and gifts to earn in December. This is shaping up to be the biggest holiday season ever on ROBLOX!