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Find Quality Models Faster and Easier with Endorsed Assets

December 16, 2014

by UristMcSparks


ROBLOX is making it easier for developers, both new and veterans, to build the games they want.

We’ve found that, when creators open ROBLOX Studio and build a new game, they often start by opening up the Toolbox and dragging and dropping models onto their blank slate. The Toolbox has a tremendous variety of cool community-created models and other assets, but it’s kind of like the App Store: there’s a ton of content and it can be challenging to wrap your brain around it all.

We’ve been working at ROBLOX to make it easier for developers to get high-quality, working models into their games. Our Endorsed Assets system does just that.

The Endorsed Assets list features the cream of the crop for free ROBLOX models. These are the basic building blocks you need to get started on a game. Nearly all of them have been made by fellow ROBLOX builders, but we’ve curated them so you know they’ve passed a quality test and are some of the best. When you open the Toolbox in Studio, we now show Endorsed Assets at the top of the list of models. Similarly, when you search for models, we prioritize Endorsed Assets that match your query in the search results.

One of our goals at ROBLOX is to allow anyone and everyone to make a game, and not have to spend a ton of time trying to find the model they need, or build something from scratch when there’s a great free option available.

Of course, you still have access to the hundreds of thousands of non-endorsed models available, but the Endorsed Asset list will help you with things like trees, roads, cars, towers, small buildings, and other things you’re most likely to need, thus making sure the base of your game looks great and plays well.

With just a click you can have high quality free models appear in your game.

With just a click you can have high-quality free models appear in your game.

When browsing models in ROBLOX Studio you’ll know a model is one of our Endorsed Assets by the shield icon that appears in the corner. Right now there are a couple dozen pieces, including multiple models from developers NWSpaceK and Quenty. As we curate and verify more pieces we’ll expand the list so you have a growing pool of high-quality models.

We hope the Endorsed Assets help you as a developer, and give you that initial push to start realizing your vision in ROBLOX Studio.