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Developer Attribution: A New and Unique Revenue Stream for Game Creators

December 19, 2014

by Matt Dusek

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Andre “Thr33pakShak3r” Srinivasan also contributed to the development of this feature and blog article.

Over the last couple years, ROBLOX has steadily built up an arsenal of tools that allow developers to take their craft to new levels of quality and legitimacy. Among those tools are several monetization features, including Game Passes, in-game mobile ads, and Developer Products – the latter of which has become the go-to method for selling items in-game and delivering the goods to players immediately. All of these features exist to reward developers who pour hours upon hours into making and updating great games.

We’ve now introduced Developer Attribution, a new and unique way for game creators to earn ROBUX, further diversifying the paths to success available on ROBLOX.

How Developer Attribution works

Many people arrive at ROBLOX by searching for or following a link to a specific game (rather than If you build a game that’s successful at converting guests to purchasers, we want you to benefit directly from that success – even if those purchasers go on to spend their ROBUX elsewhere on our platform.

With this feature, we now track visitors who land on your game’s page as their first experience on ROBLOX. We track the number of those visitors who go on to register for an account, as well as the number of those registered users who go on to make a purchase (of ROBUX or BC, for instance). When a purchase is made, we issue you an award of ROBUX – currently 5% of the ROBUX value of the purchase.

So, let’s say someone new to ROBLOX searches for Armored Patrol after seeing BereghostGames’ YouTube video and follows a link to Wingman8’s game from the search results. The person tries the game as a guest, and loves it – just needs to have more tank-versus-heli vehicle destruction. He or she then signs up for a ROBLOX account. A couple months pass. The person is still hooked and decides to purchase 2,000 ROBUX to get an amazing hat and in-game perks. Wingman8 receives a 5% award, or 100 ROBUX. One can imagine that, over time, this could become a nice background stream of revenue.


Developer Attribution’s purpose is twofold. As mentioned above, it helps game developers earn supplemental income. On the flip side, it gives developers a good reason to promote their games using social media, advertising, and PR, and join us in spreading the word about our platform. Even those who choose not to monetize their games (or do so lightly) can leverage this as an income vector.

Developer Attribution is a beta feature

As with many monetization features, Developer Attribution has launched in beta. We’ll be looking at the preliminary results and adjusting numbers as needed. For instance, we might raise or lower the developer bonus, or change the length of time after signup in which the developer gets a bonus for a new player’s purchases (currently, the bonus is active for the new player’s entire tenure).

Over time, expect us to provide you more visibility into your “conversion funnel,” improve the presentation of game pages, and give you more control over the look of your game’s page.

Developer Attribution data

We have added a new chart to the Developer Stats for an individual game. The Game Page Conversion Revenue chart shows the number of people who registered an account within 30 days after landing on your game’s page, and, of those people, the revenue they have generated for you. To view your game’s chart, go to your game’s page and click the “Developer Stats” link.

There’s more opportunity to come

While Developer Attribution rewards developers for bringing in new ROBLOX members, we’re planning to expand this concept to everyone. This will allow all ROBLOXians to join us in spreading the word about ROBLOX using attributed links. If someone follows your link and eventually makes a ROBUX purchase, you are awarded.

This extended attribution feature is not yet active, but we hope to enable it soon and ultimately give everyone a chance to earn some virtual currency by spreading the word about ROBLOX.

When we say ROBLOX is a user-generated gaming platform, we mean it. Our community creates the games, the excitement, and the entertainment that millions of people find on ROBLOX every month. Now, we’re getting the community — developers and gamers alike — involved even further in our platform, and creating additional opportunities. We believe this is the future of gaming — and we’re owning the vision.