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An Inside Look at ROBLOX Player Patterns and Popular Games

December 20, 2014

by Jack "jackintheblox" Hendrik

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The world of ROBLOX is a big and diverse place. With millions of players and thousands upon thousands of popular games, there’s something for everyone out there. You can see the diversity of ROBLOX players in the Games page and the titles that are popular and highly rated.

But we know not every gamer is the same, and the most popular games are so different that it’s clear people have different tastes. The people who are enjoying ROBLOX High School are probably not the same people surviving bloody zombie attacks in Apocalypse Rising every day.

Recently we conducted a survey of the ROBLOX community about their favorite games and genres, and the data we received turned out to be pretty interesting. It sheds light on what ROBLOX players like to play, and we thought you might like to see some of the results.

We asked you guys what your favorite genre of game was and the results reflect what we often see topping the Games page.


Shooters come out in the lead, which is evidenced by popular games like Call of ROBLOXia and Reason 2 Die. “Murder mystery” games, a classification new in 2014, are also really high in the rankings. So you might think that for all ROBLOX players, shooters and murder mystery games are their go-to titles.

But check out what happens when we break the data down by age bracket. You can see the two biggest camps of ROBLOX gamers.


Now you can see that there are two camps of players. Younger players tend to favor the murder mystery games, slice-of-life RPGs, and tycoons, while the older players are really into shooters and action RPGs.

Not only that, but when we asked how many different ROBLOX games you play, we found that younger players play more games per session!


The behavior is really interesting. Older ROBLOX players tend to stick to the gaming genres and styles that are common in the greater video game sphere, picking their favorite games and returning to them for lengthier sessions. But younger players are more exploratory, trying new games, jumping around, and playing a lot of titles that don’t fit “traditional” game definitions. (How do you even categorize ROBLOX Top Model or Boys and Girls Hangout?)

When it comes to favorite game, we were actually pretty surprised by the results. Check out this word cloud of the top answers.


You’d expect that The Mad Murderer and Twisted Murderer would be two of the highest (they pretty much tied!), but did you expect The Quarry to beat out both of them? That’s another awesome example of a ROBLOX game that doesn’t fit neatly into any category, but it’s undeniable appeal resonates with so many players across all age groups.

It’ll be interesting to see how these stats change over the years. Will younger ROBLOX players evolve and age into shooters, or will they change the landscape of ROBLOX — and the entire gaming market — into something that doesn’t directly match traditional console and PC gaming? We’re pretty excited to find out!