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Admins Pick Their Favorite Games of 2014: Part 2

December 29, 2014

by jackintheblox


There are so many awesome games that came out on ROBLOX this year. We asked members of the ROBLOX team across the whole company to tell us their favorite games of 2014, so you have an inside look at the kinds of games we love. We got such a big response we had to split this into two articles! Here’s part two of the series. If you missed part one, go check it out.

I have to give it to TylerMcBride for his awesome creation — it epitomizes a great ROBLOX game. It is fun, visually stunning, and really easy to get immersed in. I feel he did an excellent job on balancing the gameplay, as well as making each level fun and different. The small touches, like artwork, background music, and daily bonuses really take it to the “AAA” ROBLOX level. You can’t speak about Super Bomb Survival without mentioning the “Survival Shop,” it is so engaging it makes me want to spend money to see what will happen next. Go on TylerMcBride, take my money, you deserve it!

  • James – Gordonrox24
  • Community Engagement Team
  • Ocean Empire

This is a game that I find myself playing a lot. It doesn’t get front page recognition, however there is usually a server or two full of people that you can hop in and play with. There really are not any other games on ROBLOX quite like this. The classic ROBLOX characters are nowhere to be found; instead you are the captain of your very own ship, and the owner and sole resident of your very own island. Spend time collecting materials, building your ship, defending your island and ship from pirates, or maybe even trying your hand at some piracy on the high seas! The scenery and music will put you right in the mood to pillage and plunder.

This game takes a few minutes to pick up, and seeing pizza made on the floor took me a while to get used to. However, after revisiting the game several times, I found myself getting really invested in the entire pizza production cycle and each experience was different, depending on who’s online with you. Dued1 does a great job of putting together a really polished, open-ended game with plenty of customization options to keep you coming back for more.

There’s a lot to be said about the value of simplicity. The Quarry takes a simple concept and executes it beautifully; an eye pleasing color palette, careful building using built-in materials, lights used both for aesthetic and gameplay purposes — all of this combined means that it is easy for me to dig in and lose track of time. The only thing that I miss now, with the custom player-list and all, is maybe an admin cape a la Deathrun 2 (Dummiez, I hope you’re reading this!).

I find Cube Simulator to be uniquely ROBLOX. The concept is simple, yet executed brilliantly so that it provides challenge for both modes of play. Each map has its own style, yet they are all tied together by a charming blocky surrealism.

If we go by most influential or innovative (and new in 2014), I have to go with Murder Mystery by Nikilis. He began the “murder mystery” craze on ROBLOX that still tops the charts. This game also showed a level of polish and gameplay that was not commonplace on ROBLOX at the time.  Gotta go with the originator.

I gotta give it to the winner of our Game Creation Challenge, Confined. I was immensely impressed with what tyridge77, Legoman654 and Stroudie created. The game is atmospheric, creepy, and features some of the best use of sound on ROBLOX. There are other horror games I would put really high up there too, like The Red by Soybeen, but Confined definitely stuck out as one of the scariest games ever on ROBLOX.


I really like the simplicity in concept here — surviving exploding bombs dropping out of the sky! I love being surrounded by the the forces of the bomb blasts and seeing how they affect the physics of the structures. The different types of bombs and explosion effects, plus the soundtrack and sound effects make this game endlessly entertaining. Way to go TylerMcBride!

The Mirror Game is simultaneously one of the most inventive and challenging platform/puzzle games. With your character reflection being the primary means of solving puzzles, it takes patience, skill, and even some smarts to make it all the way to the end. The puzzles are fun, and the technical implementation of a reflection is awesome. There’s really nothing else like it.