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Admins Pick Their Favorite Games of 2014: Part 1

December 27, 2014

by jackintheblox


2014 is coming to an end, and we’re celebrating a great year of ROBLOX by recounting some of our favorite games. We asked the admins to tell us their favorite games, and got a pretty big response — so much so that we had to split this into two articles. Part one is today, and part two goes up on Monday. check out the first batch of staff picks, and see how they stack up with your own favorite ROBLOX games!

I like games that encourage team play, have automatic weapons, and are easy to learn but hard to master. Tactical Assault is all of that, plus it’s easy to jump in, play a few rounds, and then get back to wor–chores. ‘Cause I’m only playing at night and on the weekends.

Cube Simulator is super fun to play with friends, and easy to play for a noob like me. TheAmazeman has done a great job in keeping the game entertaining by having variety of maps. He also encourages team work within the ROBLOX community by inviting other developers to build their own map to add into his game.


Bloodfest is a cooperative survival shooter game. The gameplay is reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, where waves of zombies will crawl out of every hole in the level and swarm the player’s team. Each enemy type is unique and include: unarmed zombies, charging sword-zombies, and bazooka zombies. Each enemy type has its own idiosyncrasies and weaknesses that reward the player for adapting their play-style to match the composition of the encroaching onslaught of monsters. The enemy animations also add to the sense of high-quality in Bloodfest — each monster has its own unique attack and death animations, which all combines together to give satisfying levels of gruesome-zombie-killing feedback. The above is just a fraction of the great features in this game, I highly recommend playing it as soon as possible!

  • Kyler – iMightBeLying
  • Mobile Team
  • Lasertag!

While I should be advocating for a game that was built with mobile devices in mind, Lasertag! still stands above all the rest in my mind. Corecii has put a lot of effort into continually updating the in-game UI, the levels, and the post-game lobby as well. The game has a number of different guns and items that allow for multiple styles of play. Plus, the laser blasts also have their own light sources so they illuminate the map as they zip by. Even when I get my butt handed to me, I still have a good time playing.

The game of dodgeball is a timeless classic requiring the utmost in skill and strategy, for those who dare enter this sacred arena.  Actually, it’s just a lot of fun to run around wildly and throw balls at each other with your team.  Remember the 5 Ds of Dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge!

I love playing Super Bomb Survival. ReeseMcBlox and I spent a day showing this game to people at the GameStop conference this year and I was hooked after “demoing” (really just playing and leveling up my character all day) it!  I love how it is a showcase of some of the best things ROBLOX has to offer: user-created maps, extreme explosions and destruction, and random fun with cool players. I like how even when I get blown up early in a round, I can browse the upgrades, perks, and boosts in the store (which has a beautiful interface!). My favorite boost is X2 win credits.


This platformer wins for me in so many ways. It’s challenging, non-linear, and evokes the nostalgia of the classic console games I grew up with. Explode1 brings quality to every aspect of the game; details, music, suspense, and exactly the right number of save points. Whenever I can grab a moment to play ROBLOX, this is my game.

This is an awesome example of how to make a game work seamlessly across both mobile and desktop platforms! TheAmazeman has put in a ton of effort into making his latest game fun and easy to play across all devices, and it really shows. It’s a clever, fun game no matter where you play it, and everyone should check it out.

Part two of the Admin Picks comes out on Monday, December 29th, so check back to see if your favorite game made the list!