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The ROBLOX Zazzle Store Is Now Open

November 11, 2014

by reesemcblox


We get asked about ROBLOX merchandise all the time, and we’ve been hearing you guys. So we’re pleased to announce that the ROBLOX Store is officially open for business!

This year we’ve partnered with Zazzle to bring you a broader, more customizable array of clothing and merchandise that will look great on ROBLOX fans of all ages.

There are a ton of merchandise options. Shirts and hoodies in all sizes and styles from babydoll to raglan. Plus hats, mouse pads, mugs, magnets, stickers and more! We’ve even got keychains, posters, and jigsaw puzzles. Pretty much anything you can imagine, you can get a ROBLOX version of it.

Many of these items have only been available to people who toured our offices or volunteered at Maker Faires, so it’s your first opportunity to snag these goods. And a lot of these items are brand spanking new!

Take a look at the store, add items to your wish list, and keep an eye on Zazzle’s site, as they offer site-wide sales around the holidays.