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In-game Mobile Ads Now Pay 2 ROBUX Per Impression

November 4, 2014

by BrightEyes


Mobile, mobile, mobile! We’ve had a couple of exciting announcements, for both gamers and developers, in the realm of tablets and phones over the last week alone. Now, we have one more update to add to the list. The rate at which we reward developers for showing mobile video advertisements in their games has doubled, landing it at two ROBUX for every one impression. If you haven’t tried implementing this feature yet, now is a better time than ever to consider it.

Using the in-game mobile advertising API, developers have full control over the playback of video ads. This means they can be integrated such that they’re a seamless part of the game and don’t interrupt the actual gameplay. For example, you can choose to show an advertisement when players are waiting in a lobby between rounds. Or, you can allow players to choose to see an advertisement (then reward them with in-game currency, for example). There are many ways to leverage this feature in a tasteful way — we’ve seen it in Work at a Pizza Place, Two Player Gun Factory Tycoon (pictured above), and Hotel Elephant — the latter of which has earned more than 30,000 ROBUX in a single day prior to today’s payout increase to 2:1. That’s Developer Exchange-level income!

Mobile video ads are a great opportunity for developers with mobile-friendly games to supplement their income. For more technical information and best practices surrounding this feature, we recommend you read our initial blog announcement of the feature and the ROBLOX Wiki documentation.