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Experience These Six Unbelievably Good Looking Games

November 24, 2014

by Andrew Haak


We talk a lot about game developers on ROBLOX — after all, our tools as a whole are designed to enable people of all ages to build and publish rich games, and share them with an audience of millions of gamers. However, there are many specialists on ROBLOX, and some of the most impressive creations come from the community of showcase builders, who focus their efforts on creating stunning worlds, memorable atmospheres, and beautiful scenery. Read on to see six of the best current worlds to explore in the vast virtual expanse that is ROBLOXia.

Apocalyptic Planet by BlackHoIes

Apocalyptic Planet has simple game elements to it, allowing players to battle one another and the occasional NPC zombie, but the most striking thing about it is the setting. What was once a high-rising metropolis has decayed into a state of disrepair, with half-fallen buildings, burning wreckage, rusted out cars, and even a crashed alien ship near the edge of the world. The scale is huge, but that doesn’t mean Apocalyptic Planet lacks detail.


Legal District by aliman3

Inspired by an environment seen in the 2013 game Dishonored, Legal Destrict depicts a coastal town that has been wiped out by some kind of disease. The waterfront spawn area is beautiful, but as you venture further into the depths of the city, you discover more details and start to unravel what might have happened in this once ideal city.


Ancient Steampunk City by SteamRail

Unlike the first two entries in this series, the Ancient Steampunk City isn’t a particularly large world, but it is unique — there are very few (if any) other places where you’ll see vegetation overgrowing steampunk machinery within an old sewer system. That’s essentially what the Ancient Steampunk City is, and it’s really well realized.


Project Paris by AgentTech

It’s always exciting to see real-world places recreated in ROBLOX — especially when builders take something they know and give it their own personal spin. Project Paris is just that. AgentTech, well known for his fantastic Island House level, once again shows us his building prowess and eye for detail, while taking the city that is Paris and boiling it down to a single vignette of a single intersection.


ShareYourCups’ Lair by OriginatedSystemized

We’ve never seen anything quite like ShareYourCups’ Lair before. Consisting entirely of golden parts, OriginatedSystemized uses lighting and architecture to make this still one of the most visually interesting building showcases of all time.


Sundown by asimo3089

At this point in time, the name asimo3089 is synonymous with ROBLOX building. He’s one of the masters of the building showcase, and Sundown is just the latest in his impressive backlog of beautiful creations. What appears to be a home in the middle of a sandblasted desert quickly reveals itself to hold much more than meets the eye — to the tune of an underground train station featuring its own gallery of user-created mini-builds. Now we’re getting meta.


ROBLOX is full of great games — an overwhelming 15 million of them. While some of them aren’t games in the traditional sense of the word, that doesn’t make them any less worthy of your time and attention.

These showcases are mind-blowing examples of what can be done with simple primitives and some Solid Modeling. What have you encountered that you think should be on this list? Share links to other beautiful places with us!