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BLOXgiving Is a Feast of Games and Prizes

November 19, 2014

by Christina "BrightEyes" Shedletsky

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Thanksgiving is nearly here, and ROBLOX is bringing you a cornucopia of awesome events, sales, and cool prizes to earn. This month’s ROBLOX event, BLOXgiving, takes three of the most popular games on ROBLOX and adds a Thanksgiving twist!

The three games, The Mad Murderer, ROBLOX High School, and Super Bomb Survival, have all added a Thanksgiving theme, and have special badges for you to earn sweet prizes! Each game has two unique prizes to earn. The first is earned by completing a specific task in-game; the second is earned by finding a special Thanksgiving-themed item that randomly spawns in-game. Completing each objective earns you an exclusive hat and badge. Get all six prizes and you’ll earn a pilgrim BLOXikin!

All the details and prizes are listed on the official BLOXgiving page, so check it out and get to playing!

Hey Pilgrim, can you pass me one of those traditional Thanksgiving pineapples?

Hey, Pilgrim, can you pass me one of those traditional Thanksgiving pineapples?

In addition to BLOXgiving, we’ve got two awesome sale events coming up. This Friday (November 21st) marks our second annual Bright Friday event. What’s Bright Friday? It’s a totally rad event we made up, where the brightest colored items go on sale. So, if neon is your jam, you’re in luck!

Then, the following Friday, (November 28th) is the beginning of our annual Black Friday sale. And we’re letting you decide what goes on sale. Take this survey to tell us which items you want to see in the sale, and we’ll pick items based on what the community as a whole wants the most. The Black Friday sale runs the entire weekend, items will go on sale at different times, and some items may only be available for an hour. We’ll have more information about the sale as next weekend draws near, but be sure to check the ROBLOX catalog regularly that weekend! In the meantime, be sure to take the Black Friday survey by the end of November 23rd to make sure your vote counts.