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Unlimited Player Points Available Soon to Developers

September 26, 2014

by Andrew Haak


Player Points icon

We’ve been experimenting with Player Points and Leaderboards for the past few months, and, in the process, learning a lot about what it takes to fuel a fun, platform-wide meta game. This week, we’ve continued the evolution of these features in a big way by starting the process of allowing game developers to give out as many Points as they want. Because Points will no longer be in limited supply (and, thus, not a solid foundation for a competitive meta game), we’ve opted to remove the global Leaderboards page from’s navigation and replace it with the hub for creation – the Develop page – and ultimately remove the Points count from profile pages. Points and Leaderboards are becoming a full-fledged developer service.

Starting next week, game developers will be able to take full advantage of their unlimited supply of Player Points by awarding players for doing just about anything in their games. Players will then be ranked on individual game Leaderboards, so everyone can see the top performers in any game using these features. This will be a great way for game developers to implement their own achievement-based meta game, encourage players to keep playing more, and put the spotlight on those who are the most invested and skilled.


Points and leaderboards add a fun supplemental meta game to competitive titles. Pictured above: CoR: Last Strike.

We will also be resetting Points one last time as we transition to this new layout for Points and Leaderboards. At that time, Player Points will be out of their beta state, meaning we will not reset scores in the future — although we might bring back a new format for a global Leaderboard. So, as you play your favorite games and earn Points to rank up on the game Leaderboards, your cumulative score will matter a bit more — assuming rank is important to you.

To reiterate, we will be unlocking Points for developers and resetting Points for players next week.

There are additional ways for us to recognize cross-site achievements. Stay tuned to the blog in the near future for an announcement in that regard!