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ROBLOX University Launches Alongside Game Creation Challenge

September 05, 2014

by Andrew Haak



The games made by our community are the heart and soul of ROBLOX. While we want as many people as possible to contribute to our creative ecosystem, there is a slight learning curve for the first-time game maker. With that in mind, we’ve launched ROBLOX University, a month-long game development event featuring a pair of video tutorial series and a virtual campus where budding game creators can hang out and test their knowledge (and earn prizes for acing quizzes).

Becoming a ROBLOX University student is simple. You don’t have to enroll. You don’t have to pay tuition. You just have to want to learn to build and script games!

Life at ROBLOX University

As a student, you’ll watch video tutorials that guide you through the process of making two popular styles of games using ROBLOX Studio. (You have this program if you’ve played ROBLOX!) UristMcSparks’ tutorial series will teach you how to make a basic racing game, and Stickmasterluke’s tutorial series will teach you how to develop a “murder mystery” game. We’ll be rolling out the videos in each series throughout September, so keep checking the ROBLOX University event page for the latest installments. By following along with each series, you’ll be able to create a functioning game — then, you can add your own personal touches.

Better yet, you’ll be able to use the knowledge you gain to take in-game quizzes and win prizes. Here’s a hint of what you can earn:


We hope ROBLOX University gives you a foundation in game creation. If you complete either (or both) tutorial series, we encourage you to branch out and start making your own original games. That’s what fuels ROBLOX.

Game contests are back!

And we want you to scare us silly.

In conjunction with the opening of ROBLOX University, we’ve launched a game-creation challenge for those of you who already fancy yourselves seasoned game developers. In this contest, you have just over three weeks to make a game that scares the BLOX out of us. There will be multiple winners, whose games we’ll be showcasing in October, but the grand-prize winner will also receive enough ROBUX to cash out via our Developer Exchange for $250 (without needing an OBC membership)!

We want to have some great scary games for the community (and us) to play during the upcoming Halloween season. If you want to make a name for yourself as a game developer, this is a great opportunity to show your chops. We’ll do everything we can to support the top entries. Click here to see the game creation challenge page, complete with full details about requirements, entering, prizes, and more.

Get to work!

This is the most fun “homework” you’ll ever do. Regardless of how you participate, let’s make September the biggest month of game creation yet.