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Mobile Video Ads Payout Rate Increases to 5:1

September 23, 2014

by BrightEyes



Early this month, we launched an in-game mobile advertising API, which allows game creators to show video ads to non-Builders Club mobile players in exchange for ROBUX payments. The API’s functions allow developers to show ads in a way that gives them full control over the timing and incentive, if any, meaning ads can be implemented such that they are not invasive to the player experience. Since the launch of the feature, we’ve been monitoring how it’s being used and tweaking the rate at which we reward ad impressions, which is now one ROBUX for every five impressions. Use this feature today, and you’ll earn ROBUX four times as fast!

You can find a cool example of this feature in action by visiting the popular Work at a Pizza Place by Dued1. His game has its own currency, called Moneyz, which players can earn by playing the game, purchasing with ROBUX, or by watching video ads on iOS and/or Android devices. To experience it yourself, play Work at a Pizza Place on mobile, expand the menu, and touch “Earn Moneyz.” This triggers a dialog that allows you to agree to seeing a video ad and ultimately nets you some in-game currency. It is completely optional, and benefits both you and Dued1. It’s a nice implementation of this feature that doesn’t intrude on or distract from the gameplay.

You can also visit ROBLOX Battle for another example. The game displays video ads to mobile players at opportune moments between rounds, so players never miss any of the action.

With the growth of ROBLOX on mobile — thanks in part to the Android launch in July and recent efforts by our Gameplay team to improve mobile gameplay — this feature represents a significant opportunity, especially if your game is mobile-friendly. For more technical information and best practices, we recommend you read our initial blog announcement and the ROBLOX Wiki documentation.