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How You + Maker Faire Make ROBLOX Better

September 23, 2014

by jackintheblox


For many ROBLOX fans, this was the first opportunity to meet developers of some of their favorite ROBLOX games. Pictured here, loleris and Daxter33 show off their skills for an enthusiastic crowd.

Since spring, ROBLOX has had a presence at more than 15 Maker Faires and similar science/technology events, and members of our staff have attended a good number of those. These events are great because they not only allow us to interact with fans in person, but they put our community of gamers and developers in the spotlight and let them tell our story.

Last weekend, we hosted a ROBLOX booth at the World Maker Faire in New York City. With such celebrity developers as Loleris, Daxter33, Defaultio, and Dinizterz helping us run the booth and interacting with their legions of fans, we learned a tremendous amount about what you love about ROBLOX and how we can make it even better. We want to extend a “thank you” to everyone who helped us in New York City — and all our preceding events. ROBLOX wouldn’t be what it is without all of you, and we’re thrilled you get to be a part of these events.

Getting to watch members of our community create games and places in front of us is not only extremely cool, but very eye-opening. We hope you all know how talented you are, and how impressed we are while watching you work. Seeing upcoming games and projects — like Dinizterz’ Zombiecon 2 and Defaultio’s replica of Nasa’s Opportunity rover — come together in real time is immensely helpful in understanding how you approach creation in ROBLOX Studio. There’s a huge difference between seeing your final product, and watching you actually conceptualize and build it.

Thanks again to all of our developers who volunteered at the booths — not just in New York City, but all the previous Maker Faires across the world. And a huge thanks to all you ROBLOX fans who attend these events. We’re humbled by your support and excitement, and we’re psyched to keep cementing ROBLOX as the best place to make games.

There are more Maker Faires coming this fall, including one this weekend in Milwaukee, WI. For information on where we’re going next and how you can get involved, head over to our ROBLOX @ Maker Faire page.

Now, check out some pictures from the World Maker Faire!


Our CEO David Baszucki was there, and ROBLOX players had the opportunity to give feedback about what they like (and dislike, we want to hear it all) about ROBLOX.

For the developers the Maker Faires become a live version of our developer forums, and many of them showed each other their projects and even collaborated to make their games better.

For the developers, the Maker Faires become a live version of our developer forums. Many of them shared their projects and collaborated to make their games better.


Defaultio (center) has attended four(!) Maker Faires this year, and showed off solid modeling to visitors by recreating Nasa’s Opportunity Mars rover.


Dinizterz spent Maker Faire working on the sequel to his popular Zombiecon game.


Two of the biggest devs on ROBLOX, Daxter33 (left) and Loleris (right), got to meet fans, sign autographs, check out other users’ projects, and even compared notes on game ideas.

The entire event was held at the New York Hall of Science, one of the coolest museums in the country.

The entire event was held at the New York Hall of Science, one of the coolest museums in the country.