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Developers, Help Us Tell the World about Your Amazing Work

September 19, 2014

by jackintheblox


You've made a lot of great games.

In the last year, ROBLOX has grown dramatically, thanks in part to DevEx — a program that allows our game developers to turn their virtual earnings into real-world cash. We’ve released powerful game monetization features in conjunction with this program, giving developers full freedom to implement industry-standard transactions that, for example, let players purchase upgrades, abilities, access to bonus content, in-game currency, and more. By also leveraging our development kit and cloud hosting platform, today’s ROBLOX game developers are making highly successful games. Some are earning between $5,000 and $20,000 per month. They’re all professional game makers.

There’s nothing but opportunity on ROBLOX. We have millions of active gamers, who are hungry for the next great gaming experience, and new games rise to the top of the charts every week. And since user-generated games fuel our platform, we make it easy to play and develop with ROBLOX Studio.

We won’t deny that there are alternatives for game developers. However, no other game development engine is as easy to break into as ROBLOX. We handle the technical stuff like multiplayer connectivity across desktop and mobile, and host auto-scaling, auto-sharding game servers for anyone who makes anything. Developers get to focus solely on making a quality game. Plus, ROBLOX is all about games. Sure, you might make waves it in other open marketplaces, like the Apple, Google, and Microsoft app stores, but you’re up against far more app developers, including game studios with huge teams and budgets, and games have a different priority among all the other types of apps.

As we announced last week, there are a number of ROBLOX game developers making enough virtual currency to earn $20,000 per month – such as loleris, with his popular Darkness and The Mad Murderer games, and berezaa, with the hit 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon – via DevEx. Over the course of a month, $20,000 equates to roughly $650 dollars of revenue per day – an amount that isn’t far from some of the free apps in the top 50 in the U.S. App Store.

Help us spread the word.

The point we’re making is ROBLOX is a platform for serious indie game development – and many people have already proven that point by making fantastic, high-quality games and raking in cash. We want the world to know, and you can help spread the word. So, whether you’re a gamer who loves what creators have made, an up-and-coming developer, or someone who’s already reaped the rewards, help us tell everyone. Take to Twitter — or any social media — and share your experience using #ROBLOXdev.

You are the future of gaming.