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Taymaster’s Twisted Racing Is Kart Racing Done Right

August 14, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


Taymaster crashed (driving pun!) into the development scene earlier this year with Twisted Plastic, a vehicle-based combat game that feels like ROBLOX’s version of the Twisted Metal console series, and has recently released Twisted Racing, a competitive kart racing title that has racked up more than 200,000 play sessions in its first couple weeks. He’s had enough success making vehicle games that we decided to talk with him about the development of Twisted Racing and Twisted Plastic, and find out what’s in store for the near future.


Frantic, frenzied mayhem awaits.

Many builders and developers will tell you that making consistent and fun-to-drive vehicles can be a pretty difficult undertaking. Yet, the first thing you notice when playing Twisted Racing is that there is not only a gamut of vehicles to unlock and race, but solid and satisfying driving mechanics. This being Taymaster’s second hit game with vehicles as the focus, it begs the question: what’s the secret to making great vehicles?

“I don’t know if this is the big secret, but protection around wheels is key — just a simple brick can make a big difference,” he says. “That leaves the remaining problem of objects no-clipping each other, thus getting stuck. As far as handling and controls go, using more friction on the wheels will add more stability to the cars.”

The game closely resembles the very popular Mario Kart franchise, featuring whimsical level design and offensive/defensive power-ups scattered throughout the tracks. While the game doesn’t yet have a drifting mechanic — one of Mario Kart’s key skill elements — it’s definitely a possibility.


Target engaged, firing now.

“Twisted Racing was definitely inspired by Mario Kart, but I wanted to add my own twist to it by adding weapons and items from my prior game, Twisted Plastic,” he tells me. “Drifting could certainly be done and implemented.”

Like many hit titles on ROBLOX, Twisted Racing started becoming popular far before it was finished — and it’s still very much a work in a progress that is constantly being updated. Taymaster has a lot of plans for the future of Twisted Racing, including adding an even greater variety of karts, new tracks created by fans of the game, and brand new weapons never before seen in either “Twisted” title.

“The biggest challenge of making a racing game is that players get hit by other players on the track, which causes a lot of rage,” he tells me.

I argued that that’s part of the very nature of competitive driving.

He laughed, then said, “that’s true I suppose. I try to explain to everyone that in a sense you always win just so long as you finish the race. You get credits and XP even if you’re in 12th place.”

There's a ton of stuff to explore in the store once you start earning some credits, including several dozen custom karts. More to come!

There’s a ton of stuff to explore in the store once you start earning some credits, including several dozen custom karts. More to come!

Twisted Racing’s level system adds nuance to the pretty huge array of karts you’ll encounter while playing the game. You earn XP and credits by participating in races, and earn more depending on your position at the end of the race. XP determines your rank, while credits function as currency to purchase upgrades and improvements. This is only the beginning of what he has planned.

“My next update will involve integrating Player Points, which I’ll give out every time a player ranks up. I’ll then be able to to award special karts that will only be given out to certain ranks,” he tells me. “I also plan on making weekly kart updates, and possibly a leaderboard that displays top ranked and richest players.”

“I’ve also got some secret features I won’t reveal yet,” he continues.

Twisted Racing already represents an incredibly solid racing game at its core, and is only going to continue getting better. Though Taymaster wasn’t quite ready for the explosion in popularity, he’s rolling with it in all the right ways, meticulously planning updates as thousands continue to race and enjoy new content.