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ROBLOX and Focus Features Present The World of The Boxtrolls

August 28, 2014

by BrightEyes

See the world of The BoxTrolls!

See the world of The Boxtrolls!

ROBLOX has teamed with Focus Features to present The World of The Boxtrolls — and what a world it is for you to explore! Jump in and choose from three race boxes — Fish, Shoe, and Eggs — each of which has its own special abilities. You’ll race up to seven others at a time, both on foot and in boxes, through a course that will introduce you to the visual zaniness that is The Boxtrolls’ world. If you complete the course before time runs out, you’ll earn some awesome Boxtrolls-themed prizes!

As mentioned above, each of the boxes has specialized perks that can assist you in your journey. On top of that, the course features several jumps and shortcuts that will get you to the end faster. Don’t be afraid to take chances when something catches your eye. Sharp turns and risky moves pay off with epic gains in the race track if pulled off correctly — experiment by playing the map repeatedly and make intricate and sudden moves to see if they work.

“My favorite thing about designing the game was developing the visual style,” said Stickmasterluke, who led the charge in creating The World of The Boxtrolls. “It’s fun, playful, colorful, dirty and creative, all at the same time. The World of The Boxtrolls really has its own style.”


By winning races, you earn a variety of Boxtrolls character packages, each including a troll hat and a different box torso (depending on which of the three boxes you were using to win a particular race). You can also earn six badges — three for using each of the boxes, and another three for winning in all of the boxes. Don’t stop running (or sliding) until you earn them all!

Play The World of The Boxtrolls now!