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Prepare Yourself for the Clan Battle

August 12, 2014

by BrightEyes


Gamers of ROBLOX, get ready to put your skills to the test. Starting August 19th, we’re kicking off a Clan Battle event, giving you a chance to compete both individually and with your clan to win epic prizes. Prepare for battle!

Here’s how the Clan Battle event works. The gates to three combat arenas — Medieval Melee, Paintball Brawl, and Space Showdown — will open on August 19th and remain open through August 31st. You’ll battle in the arenas to rack up Player Points. Each arena will have both an individual and clan leaderboard, meaning the Points you earn will help you and your clan, if you’re in one, move to the top.

We’ll award trophies to the top individual performers for two periods: the 19th through the 25th, and the 26th through the 31st. Players who win a trophy during the first period are not eligible to win again during the second period, but are welcome to continue competing.

For each of the two periods:

  • The top 1,000 individual competitors receive the Gold trophy
  • The top 10,000 individual competitors receive the Silver trophy
  • The top 25,000 individual competitors receive the Bronze trophy

The Medieval Melee arena

The prizes get even better for clans. At the end of the Clan Battle, the #1 clan in each arena will receive an exclusive hat, created by ROBLOX. All members of the clan will receive the hat.

As you may already know, a clan is a branch of an existing ROBLOX group with a score that is the total of all its members Points. With membership capped at 100 players, clans will need to send their members into the Clan Battle arenas as often as possible to collectively earn points and rise to the top of the arena leaderboards! Because the leaderboards are specific to each arena, Points earned prior to this event and in games outside the event will not be counted toward the Clan Battle. This starts every clan at the same level and gives every clan an equal chance to win.

Clans are only eligible to win one hat in the Battle. Even if a clan is #1 across all three arenas, they will only get one hat; we’ll award the second-best clan in the other arenas.

The Clan Battle event starts August 19th and runs through August 31st. We’ll see you in the arena!