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Maximum DevEx Payment Increasing September 1st

August 27, 2014

by chiefjustus

Chaos in The Mad Murderer

The Mad Murderer is one of ROBLOX’s top earning games.

We’re thrilled with the effect our Developer Exchange program — which lets game developers convert their virtual earnings to real-world cash — is having on ROBLOX’s creative ecosystem. Not only are we seeing an increasing enthusiasm for and volume of high-quality games, but a level of business savvy we never anticipated. We’ve already paid developers hundreds of thousands of dollars, and now we’re gearing up to reward them even more. The maximum monthly payout is set to increase once again, this time to a maximum of $20,000 per month, on September 1st.

The Developer Exchange (DevEx) works like this: once a developer accrues at least 100,000 ROBUX, he or she is eligible to convert the virtual currency to real-world cash. While the minimum exchange remains 100,000 ROBUX for $250 per month, the maximum will now be 8 million ROBUX for $20,000 per month. There are various tiers between the minimum and maximum.

To date, we’ve paid hundreds developers a combined total of almost $500,000. Congratulations to those of you who have supported your hobbies and lives with DevEx so far. We hope to see many more of your names in the future!

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