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Learn to Build and Script Games at ROBLOX University

August 30, 2014

by BrightEyes


Many of our monthly site events focus on gameplay and competitions, with volunteer contributions from members of our developer community. In September, we’re turning everything upside down. We’re making it all about the creative side of ROBLOX. Let us introduce to you ROBLOX University.

All joking aside, ROBLOX U will be unlike any other site event yet, featuring a pair of tutorial series created by the experts that will guide you through making games in two popular genres. You’ll not only pick up building and scripting knowledge, but arm yourself to complete in-game quizzes and earn prizes for passing them! If you’ve ever entertained the idea of diving into ROBLOX building and game development, September will be your best opportunity yet.

ROBLOX U is scheduled to launch on September 6th. At the time of opening, the first round of videos in each tutorial series will be available, and we’ll add the remaining videos later in the month. We’re also planning to launch a separate (and themed, so don’t start just yet) game creation challenge with its own perks and prizes for those of you who fancy yourselves game developers already.

Your creations are what fuel ROBLOX, and we want to help as many of you get your foot in the door as we can. From there, you’ll be able to transform your knowledge into your own ideas and games!

Let’s all build awesome games together in September.