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This Weekend, We’re Coming to Maker Faire Detroit

July 24, 2014

by reesemcblox


This spring and summer, our tour of Maker Faires has brought ROBLOX to the U.K., Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Canada, Colorado, Missouri, and of course our home here in California. We’re running this thing through November, so there are many appearances yet to come — including one this weekend at Maker Faire Detroit! This is one of the bigger Faires, spanning the whole weekend, and we’re excited to have such luminaries as CloneTrooper1019, Davidii, Tone, and b1tsh1ft showcasing ROBLOX to Detroit’s makers. If you want to come join the fun (and even pick up an exclusive top hat), you’ll be able to find us at The Henry Ford in Dearborn!


To recap, this spring, summer, and fall, we’re hosting ROBLOX booths at Maker Faires throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Here’s the cool part: the booths are being staffed by members of our community. Our builders and developers are the Makers of ROBLOX, and they know just about everything there is to know about digital creation. Plus, this format lets us introduce ROBLOX to a whole lot more people than we could alone!

Maker Faire Detroit hat

If you stop by the booth, make sure to snag a code for one of these exclusive hats.

Maker Faire Detroit is taking place Saturday, July 26th and Sunday, July 27th at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. We had a whopping 25 ROBLOXians sign up to help us staff the booth at the event, which is more than enough for us to send a staff member to be there — so we’re sending two! If you decide to stop by the booth, you can not only meet our Web team’s Tone and b1tsh1ft, but also CloneTrooper1019, the creator of The Stalker and Murder, and Davidii, whose game League of ROBLOX has been a hit this summer. While you’re there, pick up a code for an exclusive Maker Faire Detroit top hat and check out other makers:

More than 400 makers will bring their wares, ideas, inventions and solutions to this two-day festival offering everything from robots, flame shooters and animatronics to solar-powered mechanical sculptures and fashionable finds.

There are more ROBLOX appearances at Maker Faire coming this summer and fall. There’s still time to sign up to participate in the Dover, New Hampshire Maker Faire (we need seven more participants to send a ROBLOX staff member), as well as Portland, Orlando, New York, Milwaukee and more. For the latest list of upcoming Maker Faires and to sign up to participate, check out our ROBLOX @ Maker Faire page.