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The Latest and Greatest in ROBLOX Gameplay Streaming

July 7, 2014

by Andrew Haak


Twitch-IconWe’ve now made it through month four of our collaborative venture into the gameplay streaming hub that is Twitch. Every month, we’ve been awarding cash prizes to ROBLOX broadcasters who prove to be popular, highly active, or innovative in their own streaming efforts, and we’re back now to announce the winners for June. About 1,500 broadcasters streamed ROBLOX gameplay and building and developing — now, let’s see who did it best!

Most watched broadcasters

This category is meant to reward Twitch streamers who not only get people to come to their channel, but are entertaining enough to keep them watching. The winner for the month is FedoraMasterB98, whose viewers watched for a combined total of 179,600 minutes in June! With a total of roughly 8,200 stream views across the month, that’s an average view-session of almost 22 minutes. Congratulations to FedoraMasterB98 — who often streams his building and group activities, in addition to gameplay — for attracting and entertaining so many viewers.

Most active broadcasters

Not every channel gets enough viewers to win the “most watched” category – not to begin, at least. But many up-and-coming channels put a lot of time into streaming to build a following, and this category is meant to give them a reason to keep going. Congratulations to USATwitch, a “team” of broadcasters who banded together to be the most active ROBLOX streamer of June!


Need something to stream? Try your epic Summer Games performances!

Top individual broadcasts

Several streamers leveraged their followings — both on ROBLOX and on Twitch — to get a lot of people watching at once. These three channels had the highest concurrent viewers during a single broadcast in June.

Since FedoraMasterB98 already took the prize for the “most watched” broadcaster, we’re spreading the love and awarding the ROBLOXClanLeague. This channel, owned by BenBonez, broadcasts official battles between ROBLOX groups, which is something we’d love to see even more.

Channel of the month

This category exists to highlight a channel that’s doing great things but not necessarily topping any of the predefined leaderboards. June saw a special event happen within the ROBLOX streaming community: 1204xj818 (known on ROBLOX as 1204) hosted a 72-hour streaming marathon to raise money for charity. We checked the stream on occasion and it was indeed up and running for three days straight. The fact that he used ROBLOX and Twitch as a vehicle for charity is cool in its own right, but when you consider the channel was live for 72 hours straight? We just have to recognize 1204xj818 for the accomplishment. Plus, the channel made the top 10 lists for most watched and most active ROBLOX broadcasters.


We’ll be reaching out to this month’s winners soon to give away the prizes ($200 each)!

Who’s going to lead the charge this month? It could be you!

For a step-by-step guide to broadcasting ROBLOX (and therefore participating in this monthly contest), see this blog article (particularly the section titled “Customizing your stream”). You can also talk with other broadcasters in the video forum. Use it as a place to chat about Twitch broadcasting and get your channel off the ground! Good luck, and happy streaming.