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New Cobblestone, Metal, and Wood Plank Materials Arrive in Studio

July 31, 2014

by zeuxcg


We’re always working on giving our builders the tools they need to create anything they can imagine. Today, by popular demand, we’ve revamped the look of grass and fabric, and introduced three new building materials: cobblestone, wood planks and metal. The new materials give builders more options and flexibility for realizing their ideas, and are now available for use (along with 16 others) in ROBLOX Studio. Let’s see how they look up close.

Deathrun 2 with new materials

You’re going to start seeing new materials in some of your favorite titles. Wsly has already added cobblestone and wood planks to the lobby of Deathrun 2.


Cobblestone scale

What we like so much about cobblestone is the variance of patterns you find between each of the rocks, making it much different from, say, brick or pebble.

Cobblestone closeup

As with many of our materials, you notice the detail when you look at cobblestone up close and under lighting.


Metal scale

This is the first time we’ve ever released a “smooth” metal. It looks similar to plastic from afar, but reacts strongly to the light. You definitely notice it more when you zoom in…

Metal closeup

…Light from the sun and moon reveal the texture, which is slightly rough and cut.

Wood Planks

Wood plank scale

We can’t wait to see cabins built with planks. Changing their color has a dramatic effect — lighter shades make the planks look realistic, while really saturated shades make them more cartoonish.

Wood plank closeup

Whichever look you desire, the planks look phenomenal up close.


Grass scale

Grass features much sharper textures and wider range of patterns.

Grass closeup

That’s some green, healthy grass.

The art for the new materials was created by Senior Art Director Alan Blouin and implemented by the Rendering team. We can’t wait to see what you build with them, and will keep a close eye on your creations and feedback. So, what do you guys think?