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Keyrut Brings ROBLOX HQ to the Virtual World

July 08, 2014

by jackintheblox


ROBLOX-HQ-by-KeyrutDuring our BLOXcon livestream event, Alan and I took viewers on a virtual tour of the office, walking through and interviewing various members of the staff. One intrepid ROBLOX builder by the name of Keyrut saw the video and was inspired to recreate the ROBLOX HQ himself – virtually.

It’s so totally rad.

We want to show it off to you, not just because we think it’s really awesome and flattering (which we do!), but also because it’s a really great example of someone demonstrating the power of ROBLOX Studio in a unique way.

Within just a few days of airing the office tour, Keyrut had created a virtual representation of our space that had staff from all sorts of teams excitedly seeking out their in-game desk. We’ve said before that ROBLOX is among the easiest places to prototype and publish a game, and Keyrut’s beautiful form of blox-ception backs up that claim.


The glasswork is one of the great little details that makes the virtual ROBLOX HQ feel real.

We’re blown away that Keyrut was able to make such an accurate representation of our office simply from a shaky video. According to Keyrut the challenge was figuring out the scale of some of the rooms, as the GoPro camera’s wide lens tends to make everything look massive.

We helped him fill in some of the missing pieces and he built the space out. Now the ROBLOX HQ is nearly complete, giving players the ability to explore spaces like The Next Level set, our CEO’s office, and our many kitchenettes.

You can hang out at our desks, jump all over our set, and run amok through the art department and meeting rooms (just like we all do every day). If you watched The Next Level we showed off a NERF gun battle among staff members, though for the general public the office is just a hangout space.


Fan favorite Tone got his amazingly epic He-Man mousepad in there. By the power of Greyskull!


Keyrut managed to show all the food we have in our kitchen. All one bottle of Tabasco.

What is really impressive about Keyrut’s place is the amount of detail he crammed into it. Cluttered desks full of knick knacks, the silly signs posted around the office, and embarrassingly enough, the empty coffee cups and bottles on my desk (working at ROBLOX requires a lot of caffeine!) are all there, positioned exactly where they’re supposed to be.

So what’s next for Keyrut during his summer vacation between Freshman and Sophomore year of high school? Not content to just make a cool space, Keyrut has big plans for the digital HQ. He’s working on transforming it into a zombie survival game, set in the office and starring some of your favorite ROBLOX staff. Here’s a little taste of it to whet your appetite. We’ve never been so flattered that someone wants to destroy us.


This is pretty much how the office looked after BLOXcon.