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Improved Camera and Controls Come to ROBLOX Mobile

July 25, 2014

by CodeWriter



We’ve launched a new version of ROBLOX Mobile for iOS and Android. No big deal, right? Wrong! Along with the usual performance improvements and support for the latest features, this update integrates a couple gameplay features: a “follow” camera, a directional pad control scheme, and a settings menu that lets you switch between these and the classic camera/controls you may have gotten used to over the past couple years. We know that playing games on a touch screen is very different from playing them on a desktop or laptop, and after much testing and tweaking believe these features make mobile gameplay simpler and more intuitive.

Follow camera

The follow camera is the new default camera mode when you play on mobile. With this feature, the camera that follows your character will automatically swing behind you as you change directions. It isn’t locked to the direction your character is facing — as it is with the “mouselock” camera mode — but moves with you enough to free you from having to manually pan the camera as often as you do with the classic camera.

Directional pad controls

You can now switch the standard virtual joystick to a virtual directional pad (d-pad), which has four movement directions (which can be combined to move at angles) and a jump button in the middle. In addition to making it very clear what direction you’re moving and always staying in the corner of the screen, this virtual d-pad consolidates movement and jumping in one space, so you can see more of the screen and free your other hand for tapping and moving the camera.

Settings menu

If you want to customize your control or camera settings, reset your character, or report abuse, there’s now a settings menu, accessible in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen.

This update follows hot on the heels of last week’s Android launch. Whether you’ve just gotten into ROBLOX Mobile or are a longtime iOS player, we hope this makes gameplay that much more fun. As always, let us know how these updates work for you!

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