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Developer Exchange Payments Increasing Friday, August 1st

July 30, 2014

by Andrew Haak


Guest Defense has been one of the top earning games of the summer.

Effective this Friday, August 1st, the exchange rate of our Developer Exchange program is increasing from 20% to 25%. This means that, after converting ROBUX to real-world currency, developers will keep an additional 5% of their game’s earnings. The minimum exchange will be 100,000 ROBUX for $250, and the maximum will be 5 million ROBUX for $12,500 per month.

We launched the Developer Exchange program in October, 2013, and have since paid developers around the world a total of more than $400,000. We’ve seen the program inspire quality, creativity, and exciting gameplay, and are continuing to expand the program to give developers even more incentive to contribute great stuff to the ROBLOX ecosystem.

On a related note, we want to let our Outrageous Builders Club members know that we will soon be changing the name of this membership tier. OBC is a requirement for using the Developer Exchange program, and we want the name to reflect the close ties between the membership and serious game development. If you’re already an OBC member, don’t worry; the features available to you will not change.