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Club Boates Showcases the Power of Animation

July 22, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


ChadTheCreator is well known among many ROBLOX gamers as the developer of one of the biggest series of games: After the Flash. Now, after journeying deep into post-apocalyptic life, he’s working on the largest dance club on ROBLOX, known simply as Club Boates. It’s hard to believe both worlds stem from the same individual developer, but you can’t deny that Club Boates — with its custom dance moves that you can purchase to get down on the dance floor — is similarly awesome. The game features some of the most complex and often funny animations we’ve encountered, custom created by a developer who’s learned the ins and outs of our animation system.

Bust a move.

Bust a move.

Having spent years creating and updating the games in the After the Flash series — all of which take place in a world where people are scraping and scavenging to get by — a night club might seem like the least logical next step for ChadTheCreator (formerly known as ChadTheDestroyer). Turns out that Club Boates was devised after a random night he spent with friend and co-creator, Boates.

“We went to a bunch of clubs that night on ROBLOX and both agreed we could do better,” he recalls. “I decided to focus on making a club that is based around music and actual animations, rather than club design. I finished it in two days.”

When asked about his experience using the animation editor, ChadTheCreator seemed satisfied with the system itself, adding that his method was one of patience and iteration. For some of the more complex animations (like the Flare, which is a breakdancing maneuver that features several odd movements), he would watch YouTube videos in slow motion frame by frame, to see where each body part was throughout the entire timeline of each dance. This was important to not only keep the animations smooth, but the transitions between each of the dances smooth as well. The fact that you can go seamlessly from a flare to a headspin to the worm with three clicks of a button is pretty remarkable.


“The Flare was the hardest dance to animate for sure. It was really difficult to make it look like it had a sense of gravity to it, and to make it look like a real human could do that particular move,” he recalls. “I had to make a bunch of keyframes to get it looking smooth.”

ChadTheCreator’s work with manipulating ROBLOX animations didn’t stop there — having gained experience developing dance moves, he decided to up the ante, recreating the opening trailer to one of his favorite anime shows, Attack on Titan (suitably titled Attack on Noob). As you can probably guess, he replaced the Titans with, well, noobs.

Other than that slight difference the trailer is almost exactly similar, shot for shot, to the source material. Like Club Boates, this passion project contains animations previously unseen before on ROBLOX, including a flurry of flips and acrobatic maneuvers. The trailer also features a camera that is seemingly unhinged, swinging dramatically through the sky at an impossibly fast speed.

ChadTheCreator is constantly working on new projects and is sought after by many ROBLOX developers. He’s been working with Zelios and zars15 on a brand new fantasy RPG, which he thinks will be “the next big genre on ROBLOX.”

“Zars15 is the programmer and I’m the main game/level designer, while Zelios is the community organizer. We don’t have a solid release date — I don’t want to rush this and risk getting fatigued from the project,” he tells me. “Could be next week, could be September.”

A sneak peek at one of the many worlds in development for ChadTheCreator's latest ROBLOX RPG.

A sneak peek at one of the many worlds in development for ChadTheCreator’s latest ROBLOX RPG.

“We’re currently in the coding phase, so it’s really up to how ambitious Zars15 chooses to be,” he added. “I think this blog article will go a long way for motivation on his end,” he says with a laugh.

ChadTheCreator has used our platform to create a gamut of types of games and places, and is on a constant mission to prototype and release more. He spent years updating and building the massive cities in the After the Flash series of games — then a mere two days building a dance club, which has earned him millions of plays. And though ChadTheCreator has got plenty of work ahead (he’s got an entire series worth of games to keep improving, in addition to a dance club), he’s still keeping a keen eye out for the next big ROBLOX project, and doing his best to make sure he’s a part of it. That’s what it means to be fueled by ROBLOX.