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This Summer, Come to ROBLOX HQ for Behind the BLOX

June 10, 2014

by reesemcblox


Behind the BLOX with JohnUnlike traditional game studios, ROBLOX is an ever-evolving game and platform fueled by the players. We take to heart the feedback we receive from our community of hardcore gamers, builders and developers – and some of the best feedback we receive comes from those who visit our office and deliver it straight to our collective face. This summer, we’re giving you even more opportunities than ever to visit ROBLOX HQ for Behind the BLOX and let us know what you think.

Behind the BLOX is a program where we have ROBLOXians come to our office in San Mateo, CA, on Friday afternoons to tour HQ, check out our livestreaming studio, meet members of our staff, participate in brainstorming and feedback sessions, and test not-yet-released features and games. While we host Behind the BLOX year-round, we’ve expanded the number of Behind the BLOX sessions for summer vacations – you can see all the available dates and sign up to participate here. We’ll get in touch with you to confirm details and help you get to ROBLOX HQ after you’ve expressed interest.

Everyone is welcome to come to Behind the BLOX, whether you’re a local or a vacationer. We’ve had people come from near our home base in the Bay Area and as far away as the Philippines. Sessions start at roughly 3:30 p.m. and generally last 90 minutes.

Want to check it out? You should! Get signed up here. Too far away? Make sure to watch Virtual BLOXcon on Saturday, June 21st and ask us your questions during the two Q&A sessions.