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Maker Faire Kansas City Is This Weekend — And We’re There

June 26, 2014

by reesemcblox



The season of Maker Faires continues this weekend with a big event in Kansas City, Missouri! Not only will ROBLOX Staff members chiefjustus and Effward be making the trek to help set up and staff the booth, but 20+ members of our builder/developer community — including the esteemed Dued1 — will be on sight to help spread the good word of ROBLOX to Maker Faire attendees. If you want to come join the fun (and even pick up an exclusive top hat), you’ll be able to find us at Union Station in Kansas City!

To recap, this spring, summer, and fall, we’re hosting ROBLOX booths at Maker Faires throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Here’s the cool part: the booths are being staffed by members of our community. So far, this system has been great; after all, our community members are our makers, and they know just about everything there is to know about ROBLOX. Plus, it lets us introduce ROBLOX to a whole lot more people than we could alone!

MFKC Top Hat

If you stop by, make sure to pick up a card that you can redeem for this exclusive Maker Faire Kansas City top hat!

Maker Faire Kansas City is one of the biggest Maker Faires outside of the flagship San Francisco Bay Area event. It takes place Saturday and Sunday, June 28th and 29th, at Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. (Rain or shine; we’re lucky our booth is indoors.) Because we had more than 20 people volunteer to staff the ROBLOX booth, we’re sending both chiefjustus and Effward to be there, too. If you decide to stop by the booth, you can also meet Dued1, the well known creator of Work at a Pizza Place, other experienced builders and developers, and even get a code for an exclusive Maker Faire Kansas City top hat.

To preview the Maker Faire Kansas City schedule and program, click here.

There are more ROBLOX appearances at Maker Faire coming this summer and fall, including Detroit in late July. We’ve already had 25 people volunteer for that event, meaning we will be sending a staff member to join the fun! If you want to see upcoming events and sign up to participate, check out our ROBLOX @ Maker Faire page.