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League of ROBLOX: Davidii’s Answer to the MOBA Craze

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Have you played League of ROBLOX? It’s shaping into one of the top games on ROBLOX, already earning a spot in the Top Earning sort and playing host to epic battles between community heroes. It’s not your typical ROBLOX experience by virtue of the fact that it is built as a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), which means a different type of gameplay you haven’t experienced yet on ROBLOX. Well, not done this well, anyhow.

Frantic madness.

The story of how this game came to be starts in Washington, D.C., where a team of ROBLOX staff hosted a booth at the USA Science and Engineering Festival and developers demonstrated game development to the uninitiated. Davidii, a known builder of games like Survival 323 and Survival 404, was issued a challenge by ROBLOX Client Lead sphinxshen: take the time you have in our booth to build a MOBA game.

“I had tried doing a MOBA before, but nowhere near the scale of League of ROBLOX,” he recalls. “I got so caught up in building it during the Science and Engineering Festival, and slowly started to realize that I was building something more polished and streamlined than any game I’d ever made before.”

“Even then, I had visions of grandeur,” he continues with a laugh. “All the admins I wanted to add, and all the jokes I wanted to tell inside the game were in my head.”

Admins, you ask? Most playable characters in League of ROBLOX are members of the ROBLOX staff, each with different classes, weapons, loadouts, and character features. Shedletsky is the best all-around brawler for melee competition, while other characters like blockhaak feature projectile-based abilities that make them deadly from a distance. Yours truly is a healer, meaning it’s best for JacksSmirkingRevenge to fight in groups to keep the team healthy.

The game is competitive, but in different ways than you’re used to seeing on ROBLOX. The objective is not to fight one another, it’s to work together to face larger and larger forces of bad guys. The more you fight and the longer you stay alive, the more XP you earn, which you can spend on upgrades to your character. This dychotomy is what makes the game so enjoyable — you watch yourself become stronger, faster, and more versatile at the same rate that your enemies do.

“You need a certain amount of experience to level up your player, and that experience cap increases the higher your level gets. You get a lot of experience if you finish a game, but you get a ton more if you actually win,” he explains.

Though the leveling system is very satisfying, it creates somewhat of a problem. Because every round takes about 20 minutes to complete, often joining a random game puts you right in the middle of the battle, where enemies are too strong for your character, who hasn’t had the advantage of the beginning rounds to level up — to fight. Davidii has come up with an ingenious solution that will be releasing in the coming weeks that will solve the problem. His matchmaking system leverages recently released game-development features and is unlike any we’ve seen implemented before on our platform.

“I’m using the CreatePlace API to do my matchmaking. Players will start in a lobby, and once it’s full, a new game will begin. To do this, I create a new copy of my game, populate it with the people from the lobby, then that copy of the game sends them back to the lobby as soon as the round is over.”

“This will also allow me to update the game asynchronously, meaning any update I make to my game apply themselves to new instances,” he adds.

The matchmaking feature is only one of many updates Davidii has planned for the future of League of ROBLOX — he’s working on creating more characters based on ROBLOX admins, including NobleDragon, ostrichsized and jackintheblox.

Davidii’s graphic designer, RavagingOwl, is also helping to expand the game’s selection of maps. In fact, he recently put the finishing touches on a new level, which is more detailed and visually appealing than the basic first map.


Davidii’s unique game system will only become more robust as time passes. In addition to crafting his new matchmaking system, additional characters, and new maps, he’s also paying close attention to feedback — from ROBLOX staff and players — as to where to take his ever-expending title next. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one, and encourage you to as well.