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Join the 1,700+ ROBLOXians Streaming on Twitch

June 12, 2014

by Andrew Haak


Twitch-IconMay marked the third month of our Twitch broadcaster leaderboards – once again, we saw hundreds of new gamers join the fray, increasing the total number of ROBLOX broadcasters to 1,743! Unfortunately, we ran into complications with our standard Twitch broadcaster data, meaning we are unable to track all of the usual leaderboards for May. We’re recognizing your hard work this month as best as we can.

Most active broadcasters

The one leaderboard that didn’t encounter serious issues was “most active broadcaster.” Many up-and-coming channels put a lot of time into streaming to build a following and showcase their favorite games, and this category is meant to give them a reason to keep going. Our winner for May is TiredHippo (known on ROBLOX as RavagingOwl), who broadcasted 5,680 minutes (that equates to almost 95 hours) of ROBLOX action! He streams a mix of ROBLOX gameplay and level building for the popular League of ROBLOX, the latter of which is particularly interesting to watch.

Highest concurrent viewer count

For the second month in a row, Swedish variety broadcaster StamSite logged the highest concurrent viewer count of all people broadcasting ROBLOX! At his peak, he had more than 4,200 people watching him play ROBLOX. And that’s awesome.

Channel of the month

This category exists to highlight a channel that’s doing great things but not necessarily topping any of the leaderboards. This month, the award goes to… FedoraMasterB98! Throughout May, this crossover builder-and-streamer logged his venture in city building and even had renown builder SpaceK531 chip in several vehicle building segments. Broadcasting the building and development side of ROBLOX can be very enlightening and inspiring, and FedoraMasterB98 was all over it during May.

Stream ROBLOX and win prizes

We’ll be reaching out to this month’s winners soon to give away the prizes ($200 each)!

Our Twitch broadcaster leaderboards are meant to give you a good reason to stream your gameplay, building, and developing to Twitch, and help us spread the word about ROBLOX. We’d like to see even more members of our community start broadcasting on Twitch. For a step-by-step guide to broadcasting ROBLOX (and therefore participating in this contest), see this blog article (particularly the section titled “Customizing your stream”). You can also talk with other broadcasters in the video forum.

We highly recommend you check the box in your Twitch “Channel & Videos” settings to “Automatically archive my broadcasts.” You also must indicate that the game you’re playing is ROBLOX. Both of these make it much easier for us to find channels doing great things.

Have fun streaming ROBLOX!