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Highlights and Award Winners from Virtual BLOXcon 2014

June 25, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


virtualBLOXcon_logo_medAs a collective sigh of relief is simultaneously exhaled by all members of the ROBLOX Communications team, Virtual BLOXcon 2014 has come to an end. With over 125,000 individuals tuning into the six-hour+ stream, we’re proud to say that this year’s Virtual BLOXcon was the biggest and best live event we’ve ever hosted. And it’s only the beginning of more live content we have planned for you in the coming months.

We covered a lot of ground during this event, and want to make sure that those who missed it get to see some of the highlights, including announcements about — wait for it — ANDROID, Kindle Fire, and many other equally exciting, silly, and informative things. Check out (or just revisit) what transpired!

Highlights from the day

You can view all of the segments of Virtual BLOXcon 2014 by visiting our YouTube channel, but here are some of the highlights from the day.

Welcome and Q&A #1

In-game Experience Showcase (Android and Kindle demos)

Game Development Showcase (includes CSG Modeler and new materials)

Q&A #2

BLOXY Awards Part 3

Hall of Fame Part 3 (watch me break my hip!)

Upcoming Event Previews

2014 ROBLOX Hall of Fame winners

The Hall of Fame serves to recognize the hard work of our community of builders and developers. Here are the categories and winners for the 2014 installment of the event.

  • Event of the year: The Winter Games (February, 2014)
  • Build of the year: Welcome to Venezia by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX
  • Builder of the year: Asimo3089
  • Game of the year: Murder Mystery by Nikilis
  • Developer of the year: Loleris/MAD Studio
  • Highest rated game of the year: Tree of Life by Ravenshield
  • Update of the year: Outfits by the ROBLOX Web Team
  • Best looking game of the year: Welcome to Venezia by SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX
  • Most innovative game of the year: The Mirror Game by cheatmaster18
  • Most visited game of the year: Murder Mystery by Nikilis
  • Action game of the year: Deathrun 2 by Wsly
  • Combat game of the year: Apocalypse Rising/Games by Gusmanak and Zolarketh
  • Most purchased hat of the year: Little Fish
  • Vehicle game of the year: Skybound by Imaginearum
  • Murder Mystery game of the year: The Mad Murderer by loleris

2014 BLOXY Award winners

The BLOXY Awards are a showcase of the best video creators from the ROBLOX community. Here are this year’s winners of coveted BLOXY Awards! You can see the live announcements of the awards by watching the three BLOXY segments of this playlist.

Hackathon winners

No BLOXcon would be complete without a Hackathon (a series of Studio challenges that gauge the tenacity of some of our best and brightest builders). A challenge was issued at the start of Virtual BLOXcon, and top prizes were awarded for submitting a successful solution. Gold Scrolls went to the ones who most closely matched the intent of the Hackathon challenge.

Gold Scroll winners

  • Asleum
  • Magnalite
  • S0uthw3st
  • cjsaurusrex
  • PlanarTheorem
  • Defaultio

Silver Scroll winners 

  • VividSilence
  • Zomebody
  • ForeverDev
  • DataStore
  • EinsteinK

Office tour

On top of everything above, we hosted a second stage with video content we couldn’t fit into the Main Stage livestream. One of the most well received segments was a tour of ROBLOX HQ. If you missed it, here’s that portion of the stream as a standalone video.

Whew. It was a long day. As always, the Virtual BLOXcon livestream has been archived so you can watch the entire thing, beginning to end, at Thanks to the thousands of people who tuned in and spent the day with us during our biggest virtual event yet! We’ll see you again soon.