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A Pair of Player Experience Updates

June 23, 2014

by Andrew Haak


Player Points

The Monday after Virtual BLOXcon 2014 brings a couple minor updates! While relatively small, they both serve to improve the player experience for all the millions of gamers in our corner of the internet.

No more buying/selling Player Points

Player Points have been in testing for many weeks at this point. Since putting them out there in beta and letting you, the ROBLOX community, do whatever you want with them, we’ve learned a lot about our system and where we can improve it — which is exactly the point of testing. One trend many of you have noticed is the Player Points “store,” a ROBLOX place where you can go to buy Player Points. This is decidedly not in the spirit of the game. Player Points are not meant to be purchased, nor are they a currency. They’re a site-wide, cross-game measure of your achievements; a fun meta game that gives you a chance to show your skill and move up on global, clan, and individual game leaderboards.

Guest Defense

Guest Defense is a really fun place to pick up some legitimate player points (e.g., every time you level up).

Effective now, we are disallowing games that fall under the “Player Points store” umbrella. If you’re a game developer, please take note: you cannot award Player Points in direct exchange for players spending ROBUX (or increase the amount of Points players get after spending ROBUX). You can — and should — award Player Points for achievements tied to actual gameplay achievements surviving: getting a top score, beating level 1,295, downing a boss without losing health, climbing a giant set of stairs, tallying a KO, or something else that makes sense in your game. Use that as a rule of thumb, and you can be free of concern. Remember: Player Points are a measure of achievement!

As part of this transition, moderators will put Player Points stores under review, giving developers an opportunity to make adjustments.

A new look for new players

For a long time, new ROBLOX players have had a very basic male or female appearance: blue pants and an adorable “R” shirt. We are soon going to change the default appearance of new players to have a slightly more modern and complex appearance. All the items that make up these new looks are available for free for everyone right now, new member or old, so if you’re looking for an arm with a hand or nice denim jacket, you can pick one up at no cost!

Let us know what you think about either (or both) of these changes. We always have an ear to the ground.