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DevEx Milestone: $175K Paid & TheGamer101 Makes $10K/Month

May 01, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


DevEx CycleWe’re proud to make two exciting announcements today regarding our Developer Exchange program that launched in October. First, we’ve paid out a grand total to date of $175,000 to our builders. We’re happy to report that many of those receiving an income from creating ROBLOX games were motivated by DevEx to start new games, as well as revisit and update older projects they had in development. We also reached another key milestone — TheGamer101 has become the first ROBLOX user(s) ever to cash out for $10,000 in a single month.The co-owned account (shared by twin brothers from Limerick, Ireland) has earned a total to date of $19,000 from developing games on ROBLOX — games that have been played collectively more than 25 million times. This news has been reverberating across the gaming community, and has nabbed headlines on several gaming and tech websites. Don’t take my word for it — pop over to our Press page when you have a moment and check it out.


“The Developer Exchange Program has made ROBLOX more than just a hobby for us,” said TheGamer101. “We used to just do it for fun, but the Developer Exchange Program means that all the time we have spent working on our games on ROBLOX will actually help us pay for our education. We are grateful for the opportunity to make ROBLOX a real job and are looking forward to creating more games on the platform in the future.”

DevEx shows that creating games on ROBLOX can be more than just a hobby — it can be a job (and a really enjoyable one at that). We’re looking forward — as we have since we launched the program — to seeing just how far our developer community can go in creating games that are both popular, and rewarding.

Anecdotes from the community

From loleris, developer of Darkness 2, Intense Sword Fighting, Mad Murderer

Developer Exchange has completely changed how I see game development on ROBLOX. I used to focus on making games that I personally loved to play, and managed to make games that others like to play as well. Today, I analyze my players, and prioritize what will keep them coming back. I strive to make games that people can play for hours, and this mentality shift will be extremely useful when applied to making more games in the future.



I’ve used the cash I’ve earned to purchase a new greenhouse in our garden. I was also able to give my mom some spare cash for a trip she took to Spain — I was happy to do it!

From nearmissTFW, developer of Le Bote

I made games solely how I wanted them to be before. Though a lot of players liked my games, many other would give me feedback about things they hoped could be different. DevEx inspired me to try new things. I decided to let other players contribute their own models to my game, and I split the profit from the Game Pass with them to make even more ROBUX. That’s a win-win for the builder, and myself. There’s a lot of talent on ROBLOX, particularly when it comes to building. But a lot of talented builders don’t know how to make actual games. I think DevEx gives them an even bigger incentive to learn how to work together and produce solid titles.

Roll deep with your fleet to survive.

From Rukiryo, developer of Attack on Titan, BLEACH RPG

It’s definitely an incentive to make you listen to fan feedback and add what they want, but overall I don’t think it changes my views on games and I still want to create games that are as fun as possible without being “pay to win.” It encourages me to keep high-quality projects rolling out at a steady pace. DevEx has changed my life, and keeps me on ROBLOX.


From Daxter33, developer of Paintball!

DevEx has made me more motivated to develop because I’m given the opportunity to earn money each and every month. I’m constantly updating and developing my games to continue to earn profits. DevEx has made me much more involved — not only with ROBLOX, but with fans of my game as well. I need to know what’s going on the community. It’s also important for me to keep track of ROBLOX updates — there have been so many features released in the couple of months, so you have to adapt.

Paintball Screenshot