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A New Look for

May 12, 2014

by Andrew Haak

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ROBLOX Wiki, the prime resource for ROBLOX building and game development, has gotten a facelift, thanks to the efforts of UristMcSparks and the ROBLOX Studio Team. Along with a new look, the ROBLOX Wiki has better curated front-page content, including spotlights on popular articles and recent features, as well as three new lessons that explain in detail the process of creating your first game. All previous articles have transferred over to the new ROBLOX Wiki.

ROBLOX is, at its core, a platform centered on user-generated games. From the very basics to the most complex features, good documentation is a must – and that’s why we’ve revamped the ROBLOX Wiki. The project isn’t finished, per se; we’re planning to add a lot more content designed to help budding game creators get started, improve the way the Wiki appears within ROBLOX Studio help menus, clean out the backlog of outdated information, and continue to allow vetted community members to contribute their own expertise. As is the case with every change, we appreciate your feedback.

While we’re doing our part to upgrade the structure and add to the ROBLOX Wiki, we rely on user editors and writers to maintain information. We are always looking for motivated and talented people to help! If you’re an experienced ROBLOX builder or game developer and you’d like to contribute to ROBLOX Wiki, you can express your interest by completing an application survey.


Let us know what you think of the new We’ll be sure to consider your thoughts as we continue to refine the organization and content.