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These High-Res Skyboxes Make Games Beautiful — Fast

April 29, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


The skybox is an important part of every game — it helps sets the mood and atmosphere of the world you’ve built. Builder Testin423 recently published several high-fidelity and eye-catching skyboxes that you can download as models and quickly use to add new life to your game. These skyboxes were made possible by a recent increase in the maximum resolution of decals, as well as Testin423’s mastery of creating beautiful scenes, seamless in every direction (an effect that is much more complex than you might think). Take a moment and imagine how different your game would look if this was the sky.


Skyboxes consist of six panels, which fold together and (ideally) form a seamless scene in every direction players can face. Each panel of Testin423’s skyboxes is 900 by 900 pixels, and features a realistic high-fidelity image with unparalleled sharpness. What’s especially cool about his skyboxes is the drag-and-drop simplicity with which they’re bundled. Here’s how easy it is to add one to your game:

  1. Take the models (linked below) from the catalog
  2. In Studio, click Insert > My Models
  3. Select the skybox you want to apply and click it to improve the look of your game

Here are all of the skyboxes that Testin423 has made available:


Start experimenting with these skyboxes and let us know how your updated place looks. Also, we’re curious: do you know of other ROBLOX builders who have made similarly awesome skyboxes or other visual flairs? Share with us! We’d love to see more examples of this from the community.