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Next-Generation ROBLOX Bodies Are Arriving Soon

April 01, 2014

by chiefjustus


[Update: April Fools! No, your character will not be turning into a cat.]

We’re three months into 2014 and, with the launch of new game-development features and the addition of powerful opportunities to earn money,  it’s safe to say this has already become the Year of the Developer. While we’ve seen fantastic games sprout from the tools we’ve released in the last six months, we believe there’s more creativity and inspiration resting deep within every builder and developer who calls ROBLOX home — it just needs to be unearthed, awoken, and inspired. So we’re very pleased to announce what’s going to take ROBLOX to the next level: Cats. Cats are the next step in the evolution of ROBLOXian creativity. Take a peek at our introductory video.

It might seem like a stretch to think that upgrading the look of your virtual character to these feline 4.0 bodies will resonate so deeply in your physical self that you’ll, for example, re-invent the very idea of a ROBLOX game. We have conducted studies behind the scenes, however, that indicate even cosmetic changes can cause deep chain reactions and alter ROBLOXians’ ways of thinking. In the research we’ve conducted, the presence of cats in every corner of ROBLOX has caused a dramatic rise in users’ collective desire to create (and even create content based on original thoughts). Perhaps it’s the more frequent naps that stimulates the desire to make something great. We’re not sure, but we do know that it works. (Just look at how cats have already transformed the rest of the Internet.)

This transition is happening in the next several weeks; soon, your character will become a cat and you’ll find your impulse to play and create stronger than ever. Please share the video embedded above with your friends to let them know that change is afoot, and that it’s going to be great. The better we’re all prepared for the transition, the quicker we’ll discover the next generation of ROBLOX games.

What will you make? Murder Moustery? Apocalypse Napping? The Giant Ball of Yarn Obby? Kitten Cannon Boarding? We can’t wait to see.