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Tools for Creating Multi-place Games, Developer Products

March 14, 2014

by Andrew Haak

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Think Big.In the last month, our teams have released a series of features that amplify the power ROBLOX developers have to make great games and profit off their success. While we’ve provided cursory instruction and responded to a number of your high-level questions, you still need to educate yourself in order to leverage the deep features we’ve made available. We’re here to help.

If you’re a developer planning to create a game consisting of multiple places, there are four ROBLOX Wiki articles that are must-read sources of information.

  1. Game “universes” consisting of multiple places
  2. Guide to the TeleportService
  3. All about the Data Store and new data persistence
  4. Using the CreatePlace and SavePlace APIs

All of these entries have been refreshed so, even if you’ve seen them before, there is probably new (and more accurate) information available now.

We’ve also fleshed out the Developer Products article in the ROBLOX Wiki. Developer Products are consumable items – things like currency, perks, ammo, and even advertising space – that players can purchase more than once in your game. You’ll want to read this and the Data Store entry before you decide to implement Developer Products in your game.

Don’t forget that you can now enable contextual help from the Wiki from within ROBLOX Studio. As an aside, we are also collecting feedback from developers as we give the ROBLOX Wiki a facelift and make it as useful as it can be. We’ll have more information on this in the future. For now, enjoy developing with your expanded set of tools!