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The Top-Earning Games of the Last 30 Days

February 08, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


CompilationIn recent months, game developers have had more incentive than ever to create the next smash-hit title. That’s largely due to the launch of DevEx, which allows developers to not only earn social capital among our massive community of gamers, but also cash to supplement the creation of their next big project, whatever that may be. We occasionally like to take several steps back and look at ROBLOX game monetization from afar — studying trends and opinions that form over time to help us determine what’s working for developers and their players.

These trends reflect the desire of our top developers to monetize their games — and with DevEx in full effect, our developers can earn up to $2,000 dollars a month making ROBLOX games. Let’s have a look at the top money-making games of the last 30 days.

The most effective money-makers


Paid Access

Game Passes

Gear Commissions

Sword Fighting Tournament N Y Y
The Greenwood Town N Y Y
Neighborhood of ROBLOXia N N Y
Murder Mystery N Y N
Catching Fire: The Hunger Games N Y N
Kohls Admin House NBC N Y Y
Animation Lab N Y N
Mega Fun Obby Y Y Y
Paintball Testing N Y N
Get a Job, Buy a House, Be Rich N Y Y
Longest Obby On ROBLOX N Y Y
Mineblox Y Y Y
Natural Disaster Survival N Y N
Super Fast Cart Ride N Y N
Le Bote N Y N
Apocalypse Rising N Y N
Dynamic Flight Simulator N Y Y
Deathrun 2 N Y N
Old Football Legends N Y Y
Sundown Island N Y Y
Survive The Disasters N Y Y
Grand Theft Auto 5 N Y N
Paintball! N N N
Beach House Roleplay N N Y
Super Fun Obby 2 N Y N

Let’s make a few deductions having looked at this list. First, the majority of the games on this list are high-quality ROBLOX gaming experiences. We’ve been working over the past year to ensure that games that surface on the Games page are worth your time — and rewarding the developers who get their games there. We want players to spend hard-earned money on quality gaming experiences, and we want these games to be visible.

In addition:

  • If you’re looking to earn some Robux, Game Passes are the way to go. Over 85% of the top games on the list are using Game Passes to earn big-time ROBUX. Both Paid Access and Gear Commissions are viable sources of income as well, though making them work is tricky as they are dependent on the game’s systems.
  • Very few games actually leverage all three methods of monetization.
  • Newcomer Murder Mystery by Nikilis is near the top of the list, and has made a ton of revenue off of Game Passes alone. Not surprisingly, the game is fast-paced and extremely addicting. What’s especially impressive about Murder Mystery’s earnings is they don’t span the entire 30-day period — the game went live in mid-January.
  • Murder Mystery marks Nikilis’ return to the top. Last time we wrote an article of this variety, he made the list for Trucking Tycoon.
  • Game developers have found opportunities in adapting Garry’s Mod games on ROBLOX. There’s Murder Mystery and Prop Hunt, which has had upwards of 3,000 concurrent players in recent days.


  • Le Bote is another newcomer. NearmissTFW is doing something very interesting to monetize his game. He’s recently created a separate showcase level, where you can go and have a look at the different types of “botes” you can purchase to see what they’ll look like if you decide to purchase. You can even buy them right there in the showcase level, and use them in Le Bote.
  • Deathrun 2 is a great example of a highly-anticipated sequel riding on the popularity of the original title. That being said, it’s a great game in and of itself.

Developer Products

We’ll be releasing Developer Products (also known as “consumables”) in the near future — for testing purposes, we’ve allowed some of our top developers to experiment with them to see how they monetize. Three of the games in the list above are currently using Developer Products, and they’ve made a over 1.8 million ROBUX in the last month collectively. We can’t wait to see what happens when we allow every game maker to utilize this feature.

Game Passes

As we mentioned above, Game Passes are far and away the most lucrative game-monetization approach. These are the top 15 best Game Pass sellers of the last month.

The Greenwood Town

Sword Fighting Tournament

Catching Fire: The Hunger Games

Animation Lab

Paintball Testing

Mega Fun Obby

Natural Disaster Survival

Get a Job, Buy a House, Be Rich


Super Fast Cart Ride

Kohl’s Admin House

Murder Mystery

Apocalypse Rising

Le Bote

Deathrun 2

Catching Fire uses Game Passes in a very clever way — each available game pass is labeled as a different “District”, and each offers a varying amount of speed, endurance, and health gained depending on how much you decide to spend.

The Greenwood Town offers Game Passes that drastically change the way the game is played, allowing you to purchase custom clothing, more powerful weapons, and higher levels of endurance and health. On the flip side of the coin, Paintball Testing by ScriptOn offers Game Passes that don’t necessarily affect core gameplay mechanics, but do things like extend your ammo clip, how soon you can arrive at a kill streak, and how much experience you can gain per kill. How well you perform in Paintball Testing is still dependent on your skill and accuracy.

Developer Exchange

Our Developer Exchange program has been earning our top developers real-life cash for their ROBLOX endeavors. At the time of this writing, a total of 129 users have collectively earned $65,600, and we’re expecting this number to jump drastically next month. Why? Because we recently raised the cash-out limit, allowing developers to now exchange 2 million ROBUX for $2,000. If you’ve developed a top ROBLOX title, we want to reward you as encouragement to continue to develop killer games.

While there aren’t any games earning 2 million ROBUX per month just yet, the opportunity is there — and we are working hard to empower developers to make it a reality in the future.