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Five Super Builds That Will Blow You Away

February 24, 2014

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


It’s been awhile since we’ve taken the time to step back and marvel at the beautiful worlds and creations that hit our platform. Though games and game development represent the core of ROBLOX, the sheer joy of creation fuels many talented builders to simply build. We live by the maxim that ROBLOX gives you the tools you need to build anything you can imagine. The worlds below exemplify that statement.

Change by Pionse


There’s a reason this is one of the first places we checked out in our inaugural edition of The Next Level — look at that screenshot. The trees, the interconnected floating islands, the pastel-shaded color scheme — Change is just dripping with detail. You can also use your personal transport objects inside the place, meaning you can take to the sky or explore the massive area with your Rotorcycle or RoPed. We always appreciate games that build up rather than out, so check out each “layer” of Change to find stunning points of view from high above in the trees or down below in the sea.

Middle Ocean Island by bloxbusterBCC


Ready to see what your computer is capable of? Load this gorgeous place and watch your framerate try to stay steady at 60. Sort of like a combination of Skybound and Bioshock Infinite, Middle Ocean Island is a jaw-dropping depiction of a steam-punk dock for flying boats (the geography is totally unique in that the map is completely surrounded by these massive ships). There’s a ton to explore on the island itself, which is adorned with lush foliage and various creeks and brooks that bubble with a really neat depiction of ROBLOX water. The instrumental version of Coldplay’s “La Vida” definitely adds further feelings of calm and relaxation.

Seishun Yama by Indistinct


Photographs can capture so many frozen instances of time — ever wonder what it would be like if you could walk through one? Seishun Yama gives you the opportunity to do just that, and take in all the personal moments that are taking place in a small Asian-themed village. Talk about a relaxing atmosphere — it’s all smiles, as couples sit among buzzing insects under cherry blossom trees, hold hands and stare out into the sun; even the guards have dropped their weapons and are having a cheerful conversation. The soothing acoustic piano and guitar tune only adds to peaceful atmosphere. Feeling stressed? Head over to Seishun Yama and take a load off.

Citadel of Tyrant by Tiranin


This massive citadel is a true architectural showcase — a hyper-realistic structure that looks like it was plucked straight out of Transylvania. Though the actual inside of the structure is fairly simple, the real joy of exploring Citadel of Tyrant comes by utilizing personal transports to take to the sky. From afar you really see the magnitude of this building. The structure (and forboding red/orange/black color palette) gives off an eerie vibe, which is supplemented by a pulsing soundtrack that’s pretty terrifying. We really like that we’re seeing music being used to complete themes of levels.

BioBlock: Limitless by Narutoworl

BioBlock Limitless

Narutoworl (winner of a Hall of Fame award for Possession last year) has made one of the best game recreations we’ve seen to date with BioBlock: Limitless. In addition to sharing very similar gameplay mechanics to Bioshock: Infinite (plasmid/weapon dual-wield combat mechanics and the sky-rail), the game is also beautifully realized. There’s a wide range of textures and colors that really pop, and the semi transparent 3D clouds that flow calmly throughout the map really give you the feeling that you’re high up, particularly as you’re zipping through the city on the sky-rail unloading bullets.