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The Year in Review, Part 5: Top Games, Items and Topics

January 04, 2014

by Andrew Haak


2013 WaveIn 2013, ROBLOX surpassed 50 million registered accounts. Just a couple weeks ago, we saw more than 160,000 ROBLOXians logged in simultaneously. Needless to say, our bustling community creates more games, worlds, avatar accessories, and assorted media than any single person could ever hope to explore. Once in a while, a creation catches such fire that it becomes a trend – and the benefits snowball from there. In this article, we are looking back at all 365 days of 2013 to find out what user creations performed the best and resonated the most.

For a recap of the year from our team’s perspective, make sure to check out our four-part mini-series.

The games

There are many things to do on ROBLOX, but if there’s one activity that unites almost everyone who participates, it’s playing the games. In this first section, we’ll dig into the most popular games of the year from multiple perspectives: most visited, top earning, most “favorited,” and highest rated.

Top 25 most visited games

A total of six games accumulated more than 10 million visits across the year, which is two more than there were in 2012. The list was capped by Paintball!, a long-successful competitive FPS with 2013 visits of almost 13.5 million and lifetime visits of more than 27 million. Congratulations to the game’s developer, daxter33, on the success.

Paintball! 2014

  1. Paintball! by daxter33 / 13,438,456 visits
  2. Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia by testin423 / 11,944,282 visits
  3. Call of ROBLOXia 5: ROBLOX at War by litozinnamon / 11,601,133 visits
  4. Catalog Heaven by Seranok / 10,837,131 visits
  5. Base Wars: The Land by d4rk886 / 10,531,043 visits
  6. Grand Theft Auto 5 by Janlari / 10,165,287 visits
  7. Boys Vs Girls Island Wars! by tadcool / 9,980,885 visits
  8. Apocalypse Rising by Gusmanak / 9,493,053 visits
  9. ROBLOXity by 1dev3 / 9,165,274 visits
  10. Sword Fighting Tournament by TheGamer101 / 9,043,332 visits
  11. Survive The Disasters! by TheFurryFox / 8,426,079 visits
  12. Kohls Admin House (NBC) by agspureiam / 8,358,002 visits
  13. Build a Hideout and Fight by Voxhall / 8,293,933 visits
  14. The Complex by spyro372 / 7,726,091 visits
  15. The Super Fun Obby! by GPR3 / 7,401,334 visits
  16. Creeper Island! by juststeven / 6,919,361 visits
  17. Natural Disaster Survival by stickmasterluke / 6,406,815 visits
  18. Grand Blox Auto 5 by thurston97 / 5,535,643 visits
  19. Deadzone by DeadzoneZackZak / 5,284,139 visits
  20. Skate 999,999,999 Miles Down The City! by SuddenRush12G / 5,040,284 visits
  21. Battlefield by DeadzoneZackZak / 4,953,514 visits
  22. Welcome to the Town of ROBLOXia by 1dev2 / 4,760,318 visits
  23. Have a Family in the Town of ROBLOXia by Julius5005 / 4,392,313 visits
  24. Flood Escape by crazyblox / 4,380,091 visits
  25. Mega Fun & Easy Obby! by ZzthallaszZ / 4,305,844 visits

Top 10 monetizing games (game passes, gear commissions and paid access)

This year we continued to diversify the available means of earning ROBUX, our virtual currency, while also further incentivizing game developers to pursue game monetization. This presented a new way for developers to gain visibility without necessarily having to rack up millions of game plays. Games that had success in this arena generally also have high-quality gameplay, which is exactly what we anticipated we’d see.

Sword Fighting Tournament

  1. Sword Fighting Tournament by TheGamer101
  2. Pokemon REBORN RPG by Rukiryo
  3. The Greenwood Town by Floppa98
  4. Kohls Admin House (NBC) by agspureiam
  5. Washington, District of Columbia by Nightgaladeld
  6. The Hunger Games by Ozzypig by Ozzypig
  7. Catching Fire: The Hunger Games Sequel by SmoothBlockModel
  8. Skybound by Imaginaerum
  9. AdventureBlox by NowDoTheHarlemShake
  10. Broken Bones by BuilderZam

Top 5 highest-rated games (with at least 2,000 votes)

Thumbs up/thumbs down was a new feature for 2013. The following games have the best ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down, and have all accumulated no fewer than 2,000 votes.


  1. The Stalker by CloneTrooper1019 / 95.62% thumbs up
  2. Epic Mining 2 by Piedude777 / 95.61% thumbs up
  3. Street Racing Unleashed by dragoniteshadow99 / 95.1% thumbs up
  4. Call of ROBLOXia 5: ROBLOX at War by litozinnamon / 95.0% thumbs up
  5. Distilled by tyridge77 / 94.9% thumbs up

Top 10 most “favorited” games

“Favoriting” a game essentially adds it to your personal playlist. It can be very powerful, as having a game slot with many favorites keeps it in front of players’ eyes until they remove it.

  1. Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia by testin423 / 140,310 favorites
  2. Grand Theft Auto 5 by Janlari / 140,164 favorites
  3. Catalog Heaven by Seranok / 127,847 favorites
  4. Survive The Disasters! by TheFurryFox / 116,434 favorites
  5. Apocalypse Rising by Gusmanak / 116, 406 favorites
  6. Boys Vs Girls Island Wars! by tadcool / 108,177 favorites
  7. Paintball! by daxter33 / 106,750 favorites
  8. Call of ROBLOXia 5: ROBLOX at War by litozinnamon / 106,428 favorites
  9. ROBLOXity by 1dev3 / 105,973 favorites
  10. Skate 999,999,999 Miles Down The City! by SuddenRush12G / 92,553 favorites

ROBLOXEggHunt2013Most concurrent players in a single game

ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2013 attracted more than 19,000 simultaneous players on its launch date, which was (and is), by far, a ROBLOX record.

For more subjective, hand-picked ROBLOX game awards from 2013, take a look at the Hall of Fame winners announced at the summer BLOXcons.

The goods

You have to look good while you’re exploring all the great games and worlds the community has built, right? Right.

Top 25 most purchased virtual items

  1. ROBLOXian 2.0
  2. Kuddle E. Koala
  3. Minion
  4. Shaggy
  5. Bloxxer Cap
  6. 2013 Sparkler
  7. Minion Goggles
  8. ROBLOX 2013 Cap
  9. Black RBX Sk8 Cap
  10. Mega Bloks® Hot Wheels® Helmet
  11. iRnitro’s Black Hoodie + HeadPhones by rnitro
  12. Hoodie by fudsim
  13. LEGO Hero Factory: Evil Brain
  14. LOL Day Cap
  15. Normal Hair
  16. Hot Wheels Spin Shotz Disc
  17. Welcome to the Neighborhood of ROBLOXia VIP
  18. Skull Scarf
  19. Adventure Time Jake Hat
  20. Ninja Mask of Light
  21. Green Skater Pants by GPR3
  22. Love Pink Sweater With One Wing Necklace by PaperMousee
  23. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Cap
  24. Walking with Dinosaurs Cap
  25. Jeans

Top 10 most purchased gear (excluding promotional items)

  1. 2013 Sparkler / 364,612 sales
  2. Patriotic Sparkler / 138,893 sales
  3. Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light / 107,698 sales
  4. ROBLOX Stocking / 90,339 sales
  5. Gravity Coil / 51,524 sales
  6. Eggdar – Egg Hunt 2013 / 36,673 sales
  7. Body Swap Potion / 35,767 sales
  8. Ronin Katana / 34,815 sales
  9. ROBLOX Skateboard / 27,782 sales
  10. Claymore / 27,328 sales

Top 10 most purchased shirts

  1. iRnitro’s Black Hoodie + HeadPhones by rnitro / 251,611 sales
  2. Hoodie by fudsim / 209,200 sales
  3. Love Pink Sweater With One Wing Necklace by PaperMousee / 154,491 sales
  4. Fox Dieter Blue by monkrymonkry / 139,163 sales
  5. Jacket of Pure… GOLDEN EPICNESS! by lukey859 / 133,977 sales
  6. Green DC with Gloves! by GPR3 / 125,613 sales
  7. Red Adidas Hoodie by thefireandflames / 119,723 sales
  8. Monkry the Amazing Clown by monkrymonkry / 118,083 sales
  9. CREEPER SHIRT by iRomy / 112,175 sales
  10. DC by UltimateChristophire / 108,978 sales

Top Selling Shirts 2013

Top 10 most purchased pants

  1. Green Skater Pants by GPR3 / 156,834 sales
  2. Jeans / 150,365 sales
  3. Red Skater Pants by GPR3 / 139,054 sales
  4. Nikes by TwoRainbowApples / 131,056 sales
  5. Black Skater Pants by GPR3 / 123,092 sales
  6. The Real USSF Official Uniform by BRIANO10 / 115,297 sales
  7. Pink Belted Confetti Dress by Jalki / 107,577 sales
  8. Pink Ruffle Top With Silver Denim Skirt by Jalki / 102,768 sales
  9. Creeper Jeans with Bandage by SuddenRush12G / 91,919 sales
  10. High Waisted Denim Shorts by Jalki / 88,983 sales

Top 5 most re-sold items

  1. The Irish Guard (7,808 re-sales)
  2. Greyson the Spiny Forked (7,221 re-sales)
  3. Blizzaria Warlock (5,805 re-sales)
  4. Red Futurion Foot Soldier (5,210 re-sales)
  5. Egg on your Face (5,186 re-sales)


Top 5 most traded items

  1. Riptide (41,584 trades)
  2. Sword Pack (31,536 trades)
  3. Sk9r Boi (28,780 trades)
  4. Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat (26,853 trades)
  5. POW! To the Moon! Egg (23,106 trades)

The buzz

2013 was a busy year and it ended with a lot of development in a little time. Here’s a brief look back at the hot topics and a totally subjective perspective of the best updates to surface last year.

Website traffic milestones

  • We logged approximately 4.3 million total visits on September 21st, the day of Virtual BLOXcon
  • On December 23rd, we broke 160,000 concurrent logged-in ROBLOXians

BLOXcon LogoTop 5 most discussed blog posts

  1. Help Us Choose the Location of the 2013 ROBLOX Game Conference
  2. Get Creative in the BLOXtober Costume Contest!
  3. The 2013 ROBLOX Egg Hunt Approaches!
  4. Boom! Giftsplosion 2013 Is Here
  5. New Material Textures Are Now Live

Giftsplosion 2013Top 5 most viewed blog posts

  1. Boom! Giftsplosion 2013 Is Here
  2. The 2013 ROBLOX Egg Hunt Approaches!
  3. Lights On: Dynamic Lighting and Shadows Are Here
  4. Black Friday Sale Preview (and One Last Poll)
  5. In Memory of Erik Cassel

Best blog crash

The one on December 7th, when chiefjustus directed 7,000 BLOXcast viewers to this post at the same time.

Top 5 features of 2013

  1. Dynamic lighting: this was not only a unanimously well-received feature, but a game changer. It dramatically affected the look of ROBLOX and opened many new building and gameplay possibilities.
  2. Outfits: being able to save and load different looks for your character with a couple clicks is a convenience that millions of ROBLOXians have already harnessed.
  3. Binary file format: this under-the-radar update created huge reductions in the file sizes of ROBLOX levels, which also means much shorter load/upload/test times.
  4. Impulse solver physics: a new approach to simulating physics collisions has improved ROBLOX’s performance when lots of parts are flying around in games.
  5. Developer Exchange: this is only a few months old in and we’ve already heard fantastic stories of hobbyist game developers supporting their lives and educations through ROBLOX.

Honorable mentions:

Whew. Information overload. What were your favorite things of 2013?