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The Aftermath of the Giftsplosion

December 19, 2013

by BrightEyes


Giftsplosion 2013The gifts have exploded. The dust is starting to settle. In a few months, we’ll form some semblance of society in these post-apocalyptic remains of the Giftsplosion. Or maybe we’ll just enjoy our presents because there weren’t any real explosions and we actually just gave away a bunch of free stuff.

Yes, we’ll do that.

Well Outfitted Gift of Style: this gift was awarded to everyone who made at least one outfit. It was earned or purchased by a whopping 600,954 ROBLOXians, showing just how well liked the outfits feature is.

Gift of Passage: this gift was awarded to everyone who had purchased a game pass. Even more ROBLOXians — 1.63 million — earned or purchased this one!

Gift of the Little Seed: this gift was awarded to everyone who purchased the Little Seed when it was the Little Seed (sold for R$5). 43,437 people made the smart investment of buying the Little Seed right away (or purchased the gift when it was on sale).

Admit One Gift: this item was awarded to everyone who sold at least one game via Paid Access. 25,188 game creators earned or purchased the Admit One Gift.

Eventful Gift: This gift was awarded to users who owned a Virtual BLOXcon 2013 Lanyard, or any of the City themed BLOXcon Fedoras (Chicago, London, NY). 41,753 ROBLOXians earned or purchased it!

Achievements of the Populace: This gift was awarded to the 13,962 people who earned all seven of the not-so-difficult badges in this year’s badge hunt (or bought the gift in the catalog).

Festive Gift of Impossibility: This gift was awarded to the 4,238 expert gamers who earned all seven of the hard-to-achieve badges in this year’s badge hunt (or purchased the gift while it was on sale).


Gift of Approval: This gift was awarded to builders and developers who had one place with at least 100 thumbs-up ratings or who put down the ROBUX while it was on sale. That amounted to 8,624!

Sound as a Bell Gift: Only 662 ROBLOXians met the conditions required — upload at least 5 sounds — to earn this gift or purchased it from the catalog.

Double Double Gift of Trouble: This item was awarded to users who owned at least two copies of any limited item. 17,725 high rollers took this gift home.

Bewitching Gift of Santa: This gift was awarded to players who defeated Bloxhilda, the final boss of our 2013 Halloween game. 2,408 gamers earned or purchased this gift.

The Unluckiest Gift: 3,475 people got a sparkling lump of coal.

Muneris Aureus Dev Ex: This gift was awarded to all developers who have used ROBLOX’s Developer Exchange. Inside you find… Dominus Aureus! 259 ROBLOXians acquired this gift.

Congratulations to everyone who won anything. Have a safe and happy holiday season!