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Redeem ROBLOX Cards in December & Get Holiday Items

December 4, 2013

by BrightEyes


christmascards2Every month, we release a new set of exclusive virtual goods you can only obtain by redeeming ROBLOX cards from particular retailers around the world. That means when you’re turning your prized red slice of ROBLOXia into a Builders Club subscription or ROBUX, you’re snagging yourself a stylish virtual good at no extra cost. We wanted to be festive for the season, so this month we’re offering items that have a bit of holiday spirit (as you can no doubt tell from the screenshot accompanying this paragraph).



Festive Tree: “O Festive Tree, O Festive Tree, how lovely are your branches!”

Holiday Topper: “It’s a jolly holiday with this hat!”


Present Top Hat: “Every day is a gift in this top hat.”

Santa Snake: “I’m not sure how he carries the presents.”

Best Buy

Present Hat: “Presenting the present hat.”

Toys R Us

Penguin Friend: “Even penguins get cold sometimes.”

Currys PC World

Alien Santa: “Bringing presents across the galaxy!”

W.H. Smith

Holiday Bot: “Happy Holiday. Happy Holiday.”


Ice Cold Bow Tie: “A timelessly cool style.”


Flying Reindeer: “Magic reindeer flying above your head? Why not!?!”


Reindeer Accoutrements: “Everything you need to be the best reindeer you can be.”


Yeti Knit: “This yeti doesn’t mess around.”

EB Games

Snowman Santa: “Snow for all!”


Frozen Samurai: “One must be cool and reasoned to be an effective samurai.”

Shoppers Drug Mart

Holiday Owl: “Hoo hoo. Happy Hoolidays.”


Present Top Hat: “Every day is a gift in this top hat.”


The Ice Cold Bow Tie, Yeti Knit, and Holiday Owl

All of the items listed above are only available with a ROBLOX card and, after the month is over, some of them may become limited. Three November items — the Laser Blue Riding Hood, Chrome Glasses, and Gold Visor — became limited and are now more valuable! Whether you need a new a new knit to keep your virtual ears warm or a snake dressed as Santa to slither into your living room with gifts, you can get it by redeeming a ROBLOX card this month.

Finding and redeeming ROBLOX cards

The ROBLOX cards page allows you to browse stores (and bundled items) by country, making it easier for you to find cards in your neck of the world. Please note that this page includes even more items that are not listed above.

After purchasing a ROBLOX card, scratch off the section on the back of the card that hides the secret code needed to activate it. The code on the back of the card can only be used once so be sure not to purchase a card if the code is already exposed. Click the “Redeem Card” button on the ROBLOX cards page, enter your code, and click “Redeem”. You’re then ready to spend your ROBLOX credits on ROBUX or Builders Club.