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Happy Holidays from ROBLOX!

December 23, 2013

by chiefjustus


If today’s numbers are any indication, ROBLOXians have definitely started their holiday vacations — and they’re spending their time on ROBLOX! This morning (and for the first time ever), ROBLOX had well over 150,000 logged-in players online at the same time. One hundred. And fifty. Thousand. Wow. And then, an hour later: 160,000! (You may recall that about this time last year we were marking 100,000 for the first time.)

We’ll be off enjoying the holidays with our friends and family for the next couple days, but we didn’t want to leave without wishing you all a safe and happy holiday week. Enjoy your break, play and build lots of games (which you’re clearly doing), watch for the ROBLOX Stocking to open, and stay tuned for our year-in-review series later this week. For now, we’ll send you off with this overwhelmingly happy ROBLOXian scene, created by vignette master-artist Encladeus.