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Support the Philippines Relief Effort with ROBLOX Hats

November 15, 2013

by chiefjustus


Philippines Hats

As you likely know, roughly one week ago Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, causing devastation to the country and leaving many people in need of aid. We have decided to join the relief cause by offering two Philippines-themed hats in the catalog and donating the proceeds to UNICEF’s Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Response Fund. The Baseball Cap (15 ROBUX) and the Carabao Cap (100 ROBUX) will both be on sale through the morning of Monday, November 18th, and we will be donating $.10 for each Baseball Cap sold and $.65 for each Carabao Cap sold. This is your opportunity to support the Philippines relief effort and show that you provided support in ROBLOX.

Help us spread the word by talking about it in the forums and sharing this post using the below buttons. We can make a difference together!