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New Building/Scripting Tutorials Now Available on YouTube

November 25, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


We want as many people as possible to jump into ROBLOX Studio, build anything they can imagine, and contribute to our ecosystem of user-generated games. We realize it’s a complex application, and we’ve been talking for a while about refreshing our instructional Studio tutorials. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released four videos on our YouTube channel that will help you with the basics, from low-level building tools to scripting! Here they are:

Members of our Games Team, including OnlyTwentyCharacters, FusROBLOX, stickmasterluke, and SolarCrane, have put together how-to videos that walk you through basic object manipulation, building a working vehicle, constructing a destructible bridge, and an introduction to scripting. We plan on releasing many more instructional videos as time passes.

Before we make more, we wanted to ask our you a question: what would YOU like to see in the next ROBLOX video tutorial? What would help you become a better builder and developer? We want to hear from you guys, so please be vocal in the comments. We’ll be releasing more tutorial videos in the future, so subscribe to our YouTube channel today to be notified every time we upload a new one!