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Group Dynamic: Small Groups Doing Big Things

November 13, 2013

by JacksSmirkingRevenge


GroupDynamicTCEThere’s a ton of emergent social gaming happening on ROBLOX every day, and my ongoing quest to partake in all of it continues! Group Dynamic stories have already led me into many interesting situations, but I’ve been keeping a close eye on your feedback and decided on a different approach for this edition: groups that are smaller and lesser known (i.e. less than 1,000 members). It didn’t take me long to discover that even small-membership groups are doing awesome and amazing things. Read on to re-live some of my experiences with the Crystal Empire, the Elite Personal Server Builders, and the Sword Trainers of ROBLOX.

All out war with the Crystal Empire

Since I started this series, I’ve talked with many users about raids and ongoing wars between clans. I knew this time around I wanted to participate. So when I saw The Crystal Empire shout that their base was being raided, I didn’t hesitate. This experience was no joke.

I spawned with a sword, and immediately tried to determine the objective (outside of slaying raiders). To win this raid, one team had to control a capture point for 1,200 (!!!) seconds. Though much of the base featured wide-open environments, the capture point itself was tucked away deep in the base, in a very small room. That room, the entire time I was in the raid, was a slaughter house.

This is what our capture point looked like in the beginning, when we were winning. The key is keeping as many team members in this room as possible.

This is what our capture point looked like in the beginning, when we were winning. The key is keeping as many team members in this room as possible, and attacking entering enemies quickly.

The dynamic of the match shifted repeatedly. At one point, I found myself and other members of The Crystal Empire in complete control. There were six of us in the capture room, watching our “hold” seconds climb and wiping out any resistance that arrived. It was then that the raiding clan, Masqued Blood, called in a squad of allies for backup. This radically changed the course of the game, as we were no longer able to hold them back.

This is what the control point room looked like seconds before we lost the raid. See the difference?

This is what the control point room looked like seconds before we lost the raid. See the difference? And yes, I was wiped out less than half a second after this picture was taken.

A few interesting things I noticed:

Everyone kept writing the word “clean.” When I finally asked why they were saying that, about 15 players called me a “nub.” Eventually, one of the warriors was nice enough to inform me that saying “clean” removes the body parts of your fallen enemies. With so many ROBLOXian body parts flying in every direction in a small room, it can be distracting and hard to see.


I fought my hardest!

Strategy is key in winning these skirmishes. Everyone was constantly communicating and coming up with different plans of attack. In the beginning when I didn’t quite know what I was doing, I was just fodder. I would run to where the action was taking place, wipe out as many enemies as I could, then get taken out. Rinse. Repeat. It wasn’t until about halfway through the skirmish that I realized I wasn’t doing anybody any good. I started to communicate, attack with groups, and use the map’s different paths. Taking a more strategic approach really changed the way the game was played.

Clans take this sort of thing VERY seriously. I discovered later that this raid was part of an official war between TCE and MB that’s been raging on for some time. Leader of TCE, KingofTheAir610, explained to me that the source of the conflict is actually a former ally who broke off and formed his own group.

“His group attacked us today, and another group came to help. Because they won, we’re now 2-1. First to three wins the war and gets the glory of destroying another clan.”

After what felt like hours, MB was able to hold the capture point and score the win. After some friendly trash talk, they vanished to their base to celebrate. I stayed behind with TCE and was transported to what looked like a press meeting room. KingofTheAir610 rallied the remaining members and discussed strategies for the next match.

TCE4“We will not stand down,” he tells them. “Hail TCE!”

Elite Personal Server Builders show me “Elite” contruction

I like to keep up with the Elite Personal Server Builders just to see the places and games they create. It’s a small group, but one that accomplishes a lot–thanks to its skilled members and focus on creative collaboration. So when Eggman1802, leader of EPSB, invited me to watch them build a recreation of the London Tower Bridge from scratch, I tagged along and recorded what I saw. It was pretty jaw dropping. Have a look for yourself, and remember to look not just at the bridge, but the things happening in the distance.

It was a blast watching them work, and I was amazed at what a collaborative experience it was. The chat log was in constant motion, as each builder claimed different facets of the bridge and environment. The finished product speaks for itself.


The Unknown Part 2 by TradeSystems is another phenomenal EPSB build.

Sword Training with The Sword Trainers of ROBLOX

This was an interesting experience for two reasons:

  1. I had never trained with a group that focuses on swords.
  2. I got to have an eye-opening conversation about group ownership with the owner of STOR, FateIsMyCurse.

The training room for STOR has a dramatic and high-contrast color palette of black, grays and reds. The training started with an obstacle course, where we were instructed to jump from rung to rung across the map. This wasn’t easy, but was described as a necessary step–like stretching before running.


Then it was on to sword fighting. The high-ranking members of STOR randomly chose members to fight, one on one, in a large arena. I faced several members of STOR and let me tell you: they’re good at sword fighting. I could see the skill in the way the combatants sized each other up, moving toward and away (while lunging with their weapons) in a way that looked almost poetic. I also participated in a group battle, where all members were teleported into an arena for a chaotic free-for-all sword fight. Oh, and did I mention they were playing metal music the whole time? Rock on.

STOR member CoolTtylerT made short work of me.

STOR member CoolTtylerT made short work of me.

When the training was dismissed I jumped over to the STOR Fort and had a chat with FateIsMyCurse about what it’s like to own and manage a ROBLOX group.

FateIsMyCurse: When you own a group, it’s like being the lord of the people in it. You relate to them, understand what they’re going through, heal their wounds, teach them, and care for them. You are an image of greatness that they look up to, and their role model. If you’re not willing to look at it that way, you shouldn’t own a group. Group owners should promote positivity, and be prepared to always lead the community forward.

ROBLOX: How did you end up owning STOR? Did you create it? Was it given to you?

FateIsMyCurse: The leader before me was robbiedaniel–we actually ended up becoming really good friends. We were like brothers. When one of us got hurt, the other could always stand up for the both of us. He had to leave for reasons that have nothing to do with ROBLOX, but the STOR community definitely saw me was someone who really cared about the future of the group. So he left STOR with me, as the group agreed that I’m a man who comes clean about myself, and will do the job right.

ROBLOX: Now that STOR belongs to you, any plans for the future?

FateIsMyCurse: My main goal is to bring my group honor. I am the strongest sword fighter STOR has, and I have to act as such. I keep my head high and my heart brave, so I can show my group that legends and dreams can be made into realities. Reality is what you make it. My advice has always been to be the hero you imagine.